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    Caliphs and Kings:1225AD

    Okay boys it is time to unleash your inner "Deus Vult!" and "Allahu Ackbar!" this RP will be one of intensity and fun as there will be no infamy nor tech, there will be few but extremely strict rules to follow. If you follow the few rules there are then this RP will be lots of fun.
    The RP is for RPU members generally, but if your interested and not a member and wish to become one then comment to let me know. RPU members who have discord please let me know once you post your claim here, if you dont have discord for RPU please get it. If your an RPU member please post a claim and a sample paragraph.

    Document link :

    Please post your claim for a faction and then post a quick paragraph of a sample article.
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    May I be the Fatimids?

    President Franklin D Roosevelt Gives State of the Union Address

    "To the Congress:

    In considering the State of the Union, the war and the peace that is to follow are naturally uppermost in the minds of all of us.

    I ask that we direct our attention to the ongoing conflicts around the world in not an attempt to fight but an attempt to create peace with nations we were not at peace with before

    We cannot let decades of hostilities damage the future and very constitution we took to uphold. As this will be a deciding year for many reasons..

    1945 We can see the fall of the Communist regime in Sweden. As they are engulfed in a Civil War which the World will watch with awe as these events unfold.

    Or even in North Africa as tensions grow higher then ever with the New Turkish President wanting to end European Imperialism.

    1945 Will be a year more important then ever. As so much can unfold in such little time we will be more tuned in than ever.

    This firm foundation can be built- and it will be built. But the continuance and assurance of a living peace must, in the long run, be the work of the people themselves.

    We ourselves, like all peoples who have gone through the difficult processes of liberation and adjustment, know of our own experience how great the difficulties can be. We know that they are not difficulties peculiar to any continent or any Nation. Our own Revolutionary War left behind it, in the words of one American historian, "an eddy of lawlessness and disregard of human life." There were separatist movements of one kind or another in Vermont, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Maine. There were insurrections, open or threatened, in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. These difficulties we worked out for ourselves as the peoples of the liberated areas of Europe, faced with complex problems of adjustment, will work out their difficulties for themselves.

    Peace can be made and kept only by the united determination of free and peace-loving peoples who are willing to work together- willing to help one another—willing to respect and tolerate and try to understand one another's opinions and feelings.

    The nearer we come to vanquishing our enemies the more we inevitably become conscious of differences among the victors.

    We must not let those differences divide us and blind us to our more important common and continuing interests in winning the war and building the peace.

    International cooperation on which enduring peace must be based is not a one-way street.

    Nations like individuals do not always see alike or think alike, and international cooperation and progress are not helped by any Nation assuming that it has a monopoly of wisdom or of virtue.

    In the future world the misuse of power, as implied in the term "power politics," must not be a controlling factor in international relations. That is the heart of the principles to which we have subscribed. We cannot deny that power is a factor in world politics any more than we can deny its existence as a factor in national politics. But in a democratic world, as in a democratic Nation, power must be linked with responsibility, and obliged to defend and justify itself within the framework of the general good.

    Perfectionism, no less than isolationism or imperialism or power politics, may obstruct the paths to international peace. Let us not forget that the retreat to isolationism a quarter of a century ago was started not by a direct attack against international cooperation but against the alleged imperfections of the peace.

    In our disillusionment after the last war we preferred international anarchy to international cooperation with Nations which did not see and think exactly as we did. We gave up the hope of gradually achieving a better peace because we had not the courage to fulfill our responsibilities in an admittedly imperfect world.

    We must not let that happen again, or we shall follow the same tragic road again—the road to a third world war.

    We can fulfill our responsibilities for maintaining the security of our own country only by exercising our power and our influence to achieve the principles in which we believe and for which we have fought.

    In August, 1941, Prime Minister Churchill and I agreed to the principles of the Atlantic Charter, these being later incorporated into the Declaration by United Nations of January 1, 1942. At that time certain isolationists protested vigorously against our right to proclaim the principles—and against the very principles themselves. Today, many of the same people are protesting against the possibility of violation of the same principles.

    It is true that the statement of principles in the Atlantic Charter does not provide rules of easy application to each and every one of this war-torn world's tangled situations. But it is a good and a useful thing- it is an essential thing- to have principles toward which we can aim.

    This necessary expansion of our peacetime productive capacity will require new facilities, new plants, and new equipment.

    It will require large outlays of money which should be raised through normal investment channels. But while private capital should finance this expansion program, the Government should recognize its responsibility for sharing part of any special or abnormal risk of loss attached to such financing.

    But I will confer with the Congress at a Later date.

    Most important of all—1945 can and must see the substantial beginning of the organization of world peace. This organization must be the fulfillment of the promise for which men have fought and died in the past wars. It must be the justification of all the sacrifices that have been made- of all the dreadful misery that this world has endured.

    We Americans of today, together with our allies, are making history- and I hope it will be better history than ever has been made before.

    We pray that we may be worthy of the unlimited opportunities that God has given us.

    God Bless America"

    (From one of my CoW Rp's)

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    I wish to become the Kingdom of France!
    (Sample article has a black background and I don't know why.

    Sample Article:
    (Came from Day 62 of the Age of Redemption RP)

    Kusunoki sat in his castle in Kagoshima, watching as his new capital was being constructed.After many decades of the Shimazu reigning in the North, he decided to place more close to home.With his advancement into the Kingdoms of Ryukyu and obtaining most of Taiwan, he could finally build is home into a capital.At least until Kyoto can be obtained.Troops marched outside with the purple banner of the Shimazu flags over them.

    News of a virus, Zalix, spreading in East Asia concerned him but it wasn't as bad as it seemed.It was mainly on Mainland China and they already locked down the beach heads.And trade wasn't occurring between the Shimazu and anyone on the Mainland because there was no one to trade to begin with.So news of this illness that was "Incurable" didn't cause much panic.And even so, over 20,000 men were stationed on the beach heads so any attack could and would be repelled off.Plus they were already producing Cavalry and had to Plane squadrons.Any infectious plagues could be dealt with at any time.

    Hours passed as reports came in that Shimazu forces had already taken Okayama in a siege with little casualties. Okayama?Did the Beachhead forces already began to march north?The Shogun decided to call to radio to the commander of this siege.He began to look at the maps of China, with no place by the name of Okayama.Several minutes of fuzz continued before a sudden cry of joy was heard from the other side of the radio.Cannons also sang in the background but it was quiet enough for deafness to be pulled out of the equation.

    “This is Shogun Kusunoki Shimazu in the building capital of Kagoshima, can you please report on your invasion of Okayama and the surrounding area?I am seeing now land that is marked by that name on our Chinese map.”Kusunoki requested, flipping through pages of maps of China, scanning at the hard to read Chinese names of their homes.

    “China?Okayama is on Honshu near Kyoto. We have a way to finally take the Western Capital!”The commander shouted joyfully, his lips slurping on a glass of Sake along with his men.”We are already about to take Hiroshima!”

    Kusunoki rose up.”Why are you attacking now!?I ordered to wait until we obtained more cannons!”He reinstated, anger filling him as he switched to the Japanese map, immediately seeing where they lay sieged at.So Okayama and now Hiroshima are without any opposition?”He asked, calming as he gathered that were on the ground.

    “Hai, sir.We bombed them from across the shore and now, we are sending forces to lead a charge into the city of Hiroshima.We did the same for Okayama.”

    The Shogun began to smile.”Alright, give me a full report from zero hour to now.”He asked, men now coming into the room as they began to mark territory changes for the two said provinces.

    The commander looked at his men to have them continue the invasion.”Alright.At 2:40 AM, we opened fire on the city of Hiroshima.Minutes later, cannons in Tokushima fired into Okayama.The ship, Mitsuhide, followed suit.”The Commander began, continuing to slurp on his Sake.”At 4 AM, the enemy launched a ambush on our Battleship.Though we were able to capture the enemy, which they were spared due to them reporting no troops were going to Okayama.The ambush was considered a failure at 4:40 AM.One hour later, the defenses in Hiroshima were destroyed.Though they were attempting to lead a Banzai charge to attack our capital.At 10:25, all opposition was eliminated.One hour later, we obtained Okayama.”

    Kusunoki saw men writing down the reports as he looked out the window to see the flames of Hiroshima.”Aye, we will contact you if we need anything.”
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Drunken Beaver View Post
    The RP is for RPU members only
    there we go again RPU trying to monopolize... Where are the people claiming that RPU isn't about trying to force all people into it...

    Questions about the game? Have a look at the manual.
    Need game support? Send a ticket or contact the crew.
    Have an idea for the game? Check the BigList.

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    98% Rpers are RPU and there is no rule if someone wants to have some personal private Rp, or is there any ?

    Seljuk Turks for me Beaver, I will give you sample on discord.
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    To serve Him, was to Worship Him.
    We fought on our Path to Victory !
    RPU had been Triumphant before today and it shall be I who will carry on it's Legacy !
    I served the good Emperor with Sweat & Blood.
    My Own, My Men & My Comrades.
    Pain is temporary but Honour is Forever.
    Ours is not to reason 'Why?'
    Ours is to stay strong & fight on !
    Long Live The Emperor LightningTurk

    Play Supremacy 1914, the free real-time strategy online games and the Browsergame of the Year 2009!

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    no there isn't any but I'm allowed an opinion Umer weather or not you like my opinion. You guys always claimed a monopoly wasn't what you guys were after but yeah long lost days i guess

    Questions about the game? Have a look at the manual.
    Need game support? Send a ticket or contact the crew.
    Have an idea for the game? Check the BigList.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Drunken Beaver View Post
    The RP is for RPU members only but if your interested and not a member and wish to become one then comment to let me know.
    So let me get this straight... I can't join the RP as Byzantines because I am not a member of alliance? Even though I always wanted to play them, but there isn't enough medieval RPs to represent them? This is actually a really great map, but alas I don't want to join RPU because I dislike alliances. So guess no RP for me? Seems like blacklisting to me. Then why even bother posting here if you use private chats and forums? If you are so selective, then I beg you to at least leave the supremacy forums for us mere mortals that are not worthy of your attention.
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