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    I am on my phone and it was hard to find old articles and copy them here. Also I wanted to provide a fresh one on Byzantines. Not the best of work, but I had little to none to work with and it was pain to write everything on my phone. Hope it is good. Cheers.

    Chronicles of Andronikos Didochios - 1225 AD

    Σταυρὲ Χριστοῦ χάριν χριστιανούς χάριζε. Cross of Christ bestow grace on the Christians!

    Dispair. Demise. Decadency. Pettines. Misfortune. These are just some of the words that the world describes the ailing Roman Empire. Sloth, complacency, sadness and apathy also come to mind, but the dominant emotion within the Empire is anger, I would say. For centuries we have fought amongst ourselves because of religion, succession, gold, personal interest, for scraps of our former glorious empire. We have also fought the world, repelled barbarians of all kinds, were bastion of Christianity, shield of the West, only to find ourselves, our noble emperors cowering and graveling beneath the feet of barbaric Turks, heathens of worst kind. Begging to be spared and continue our meagre existence. The West did nothing but cower away as hordes of Muslims devoured the civilized world as we know it. Europe was in flames. It is only by the strength of Komnenos that Empire restored some honor and glory. It was Emperor Manuel II who showed the Europeans how to fight and not to fear. It is him who allowed safe and free passage for crusaders to fight the bloodthirsty mongrels in East. All of that just to find ourselves betrayed... yet again.

    The year is 1225 of our Lord and Saviour. Twenty years after the Queen of Cities, Constantinople, fell into the hands of western crusaders, filth and scum from the Venetian Republic, traitors out of this world. They betrayed the trust of Roman Emperors and Roman people. Betrayal and backstab is even worse than outright attack. It is only with the will of Palaeologus general, now Emperor Michael VII, that the crown jewel of the Empire is returned and Latins expelled. The era quickly became known as Palaeologus Restoration, for the Empire reclaimed its lost possessions and even gained some through conquest.

    However, Empire is far from strong. It is almost in ruin. The wealth bequeathed to us by our ancestors has been sundered on luxurious palaces, corruption, ill-conceived adventures and bribes to foreign kings for most part. Our economy is virtually non-existent, mostly thanks to the Venetians who sacked our precious Constantinople. Traders are afraid and not trustworthy of our ability to protect them and their goods. It will take couple of decades to restore the Pearl that connects East and West to former glory. The army is taking a heavy toll on the treasury which is filled with blood and sweat of peasantry. They grow restless, and every few months the Imperial army is ordered to calm pesky villagers down. The population is dwindling, ravaged by constant wars, barbaric Turk raids and worst of all, the plague. Inability to tax people puts a heavy burden on nobles as well, who refuse to take part in larger scale of Empire revival. They would rather lavish palaces and throw riches at women and parties. The navy is laughing stock of all Europe. Rotten ships inhabit the harbours, being eaten by rats and other vermin... probably waiting its demise in a battle. The politics of Empire have changed drastically. Westerners are not to be trusted. Not after all they did, or didn't do for that matter. Our Christian 'brothers', the 'glorious kings of the west' did nothin to prevent spreading of heathen Islamic faith. These people who have strayed from the righteous path of Christianity grow stronger by the day. Noble Crusades have turned into perverted, unrecognizable form after Fourth Crusade and sack of Constantinople. The traitorous Venetians have forsaken Jerusalem and took the Queen of Cities instead. Those 'holy warriors' dismantled our Empire, destroyed the one thing that kept hordes of East in their sandy habitat. To make things worse, the Europeans quarrel among themselves, Crusading against each other while being blind to the rise of Islam. To the East, barbaric hordes of Muslims are eager to pluck the Empire, piece by piece, like dirty vultures they are. No doubt the Venetians are circling around the Empire, waiting for blood to flow so they can feast and grow at our expense. The Orthodox brethren in lands of Rus are still weak to be strong allies. Romans are left alone once again. With enemies within, outside and on all sides of Empire.

    But we shall survive. We always do. The Imperial purple color is God's gift to this Earth. For our Empire has a Roman body, a Greek mind and a divine soul.

    Σταυρὲ σου βοήθει Ρωμανόν δεσπότην. Thy Cross aid the Romanos.

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    All's good Matt, just didnt recognize "Klassen". Your Byzantines.

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    Hello all! I am finally to looking to get back into a rp since i have more time lately to do so. If you'll have me, i would very much like to be the Kazakhs/Mongols to bring forth the horde! Here are a couple of article samples from older rp's that I participated in, thanks.

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    Outlaw Mongols is a big responsibility and I was looking for a more active recent RP'r that I know to take mongols and berbers so I can trust them. Its just those samples are quite old but they are good, still is there anyother nation you would want other than mongols?

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    ok not a problem, how about the Teutonic Knights?

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    Outlaw accepted is Teutonic Order!

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    Outlaw very nice roleplayer

    Narek Denja: ohs noes, i lost 5k troops because we went after the same target and we're not on RoW, DIE!!!!!!1111111oneoneoneoneeleventybillionexlaima tionmarks

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    Sir John Edward Pete is now the "No-go Zone" lands. I "The Drunken Beaver" will be the Kazakhs/Mongols but I will remain Admin.

    He will operate the daily game article and also do rule breaking law enforcement

    ""~Subjugation of Silesia Begins, and Ends, Strengthening of Foreign RelationsCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]Bohemia, a moderate sized Kingdom of great history and promise, had come under strain from previous years of mismanagement and poor rulership.Having come to the throne just 3 years prior, King Vladislaus II has made steady, markedly important improvements to the Kingdom of Bohemia. Not only has he and his advisors pulled Bohemia out of an economic slump, rebuilt the military, reformed public and domestic infrastructure, but also brought upon a new age for all Bohemians.Seeking to expand his Kingdom's domain into new areas, his Majesty, to his delight, found an excellent opportunity arise in the neighboring lands of Silesia, which had for some time been plagued by religious turmoil, causing violence and a gradual decrease in public order to accrue. These turn of events had inevitably drove away many of it's citizens into Bohemia, whilst disrupting trade and any general sense of cohesion. To capitalize on the showing of Silesian weakness, it was decided that King Vladislaus II would lead a combined Bohemian army of over 21,000 men, artillery, and cavalry into the heartland of Silesia, on the pretense of restoring the catholic faith back into Silesia, along with the annexation of lands which allowed "Heathens and Heretics to run rampant. Within the winter of 1475, the armies of Bohemia struck fast and true, with wave after wave of newly raised and often poorly equipped Silesian militia either being utterly defeated, or routed. In the coming days, the march on, and the eventual occupation of Silesia's capitol, Oppelin, would end, along with the short-lived conflict.[COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)](edited)[/COLOR]


    [COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]The eventual incorporation of Silesia's territories are planned to commence within 3 months or so, while patrol's are to be sent out to hunt down any remenants of Silesian royalist and Heretic groups. With the fighting over, King Vladislaus II returned to Prague victorious, with the people, nobleman, merchants, and foreigners alike greetings his Majesty warmly and claiming this as a proud moment for the Kingdom. In order to properly secure the countries stability, and to further legitimize Bohemia's claim to the subjugation of Silesia's provinces, envoys had been sent to the surrounding Germanic Kingdoms, Counties, Duchies, and independent Principalities, with cart's full of tribute, gifts, and promises of friendship. In this way, King Vladislaus II having secured Bohemia's borders for the time being from External threats, will be able to have time to focus on his Kingdom's internal threats, threats that could unravel all that he wishes to achieve


    [COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]This is from the Europa Universalis rp that we both are participating in as of now


    [COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]I'd be really glad if you would accept me in as Hungary!


    [COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]Thanks for your time""

    Posted by Colonel Reeves to me in discord.

    Colonel Reeves accepted as Hungary


    ^whoops lol

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    what the hell lol
    To serve Him, was to Worship Him.
    We fought on our Path to Victory !
    RPU had been Triumphant before today and it shall be I who will carry on it's Legacy !
    I served the good Emperor with Sweat & Blood.
    My Own, My Men & My Comrades.
    Pain is temporary but Honour is Forever.
    Ours is not to reason 'Why?'
    Ours is to stay strong & fight on !
    Long Live The Emperor LightningTurk

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    (ikr UMER lol)

    As per we talked about, I'll claim the Mongols, and I refer you to my post (either the most recent or the one yesterday) on the EU NWE rp, as my application article. Remember the stuff we talked about, like in 9 days imma be gone for 5 days...but I'll be able to get LS done, and get settled, and once I'm back I'll awaken the Mongolian beast

    I agree to all rules, etc etc
    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
    - Winston Churchill.

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