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    Joining a game late.

    There needs to be added restrictions for people joining a game late.

    Either they are not allowed to join a game that is x days old (depending on map) AND/OR a default peace period of at least 24 hours (AI/inactive excluded).

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    The Idea is quite clear I think you've read the Read me's? with the polls and such? Just to know you know the procedure we try to use.

    My feedback. We have discussed the issue with late joiners internally And as game option I'd agree as for example RP games I can see people still trying to fill spots late game. But as option certainly yes.

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    We are indeed currently discussing to prevent joining games after day X (with X being a number to be determined for each type of map individually. 500p maps afford other limits than 4 player maps). We will happily hear your feedback regarding the number of days you suggest.

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    I find there can be much more of a challenge joining games later because the AI is so lack luster in building necessary war machines to survive in a competitive game..
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    x = Minimum of 24 hours.... maybe one full DC to DC?

    Maybe the games could be looked at, see what the average expansion is per map and then the average travel time from frontline back to defense, or time to traverse border to border, that would create a realistic and fair figure?

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    problem I can see with a honor period is that if somebody was invading that nation suddenly his war gets halted too. And the surrounding nations could see the new joining nation as a thread and pile up on a him while he'll be a nation with limited techs this would mean he has not fair chance at all anymore

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    I say leave the late join option in. Part of a strategy game is... strategy. If a players leaves themselves open to a sneak attack due to their own failure to prepare for it, and their lust to hyper expand elsewhere, then I have no sympathy for such reckless players. S1914 should not reinforce reckless play styles by making it safer to ignore idle AI nations.
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    The point of the delay is to prevent people just joining and attacking... these people are more likely to be multi's or wolfpacking.

    The people joining will be able to attack AI/unmanned nations off the bat, and obviously, if an established nation were to attack them during this "honour" period, all bets would be off.

    The problem with adding these sorts of thing is that there will likely be an unseen effect elsewhere... so it's a matter of finding a balance and establishing what is more important to a smoother, fairer game.

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    Never trust the greater AI nations, AI can always convert to a human player

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    Such a feature would have my support as a guard against wolf-packing in particular. However, as it has been stated above- not everyone who joins a game late intends to give an advantage to an existing player. I can also see Pharo's point regarding people being lax regarding border security with an AI nation.

    The challenge there would be to find a way to balance security against those people who enter rounds with the sole intention of giving an unfair advantage to existing players in the game, and those people who are joining late games simply because they enjoy the challenge.

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