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    Will you be able to stand inside your core regions with a railgun and shoot out on enemies ?
    Yes. We want to drive home the point that you should not be trying to attack the bridgehead provinces. That's not the goal of the game mode and thus it is deliberately discouraged.

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    I know understand why I cannot create a game. Me and my friends are trying to play together since we are back in school like we did this year, but we cannot due to no one being ranked corporal. Is this the only way to be able to create a game?How long does it take to become a corporal? Was really looking forward to playing with friends.

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    You should make corporal in 2 or 3 games ... less if you do well in one of the bigger maps.

    You could also join about 10 games and be ranked in about 1 week. Just build as much as you can in all the games for rank points... look at your service record or manual to see what builds get you the most points.

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    I think these protected beginning areas are actually not balanced from the gameplay point of view. I have a situation where i killed off an expansion of my neighbour and he is now sitting in his beginning area and slowly building up army. This means i have to keep a huge part of my armies in defense at his border which again causes a slow advance in the frontline. Meanwhile the neighbours who do not have this "problem" can advance more agressivly.
    I think there should be a limit of 3 days where a player has to break out from the beginning area - if he/she is not able to do that he/she will be removed from the game and turned into AI.
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    Hello Batmann, thank you for that feedback. This is indeed a problem we have noticed, too. We will think about a way to address this in the future.

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