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    Angry [Recent Update] Reversing Updates?


    First World in Flames, now not even regular games?

    Let's be honest. The recent update sucks and is biased towards older players.
    To think that a lot of players only get to the rank Corporal by playing Elite AI games on their own!

    Why shouldn't we be able to create games? My first game was self-created, and helped me reach my scores as it is today.

    This raises a question: Could S1914 reverse updates?

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    Perhaps a poll (with voting limited to corporal and lower?)

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    The updates are therefor a reason sadly. How much I on a personal scale even agree that they are a bit harsh... They are there to force people to join existing games and in that way create more activity in the existing games.

    Probably I don't have statistics but I can se this happening. Many new spam account were created to create games creating a heavy load on the server. Which is negative for all. Action are usually taken after abuse has been noticed. It is sad that the fair players are victimes of the crimes of others.

    Questions about the game? Have a look at the manual.
    Need game support? Send a ticket or contact the crew.
    Have an idea for the game? Check the BigList.

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    You only need the rank Corporal to open games which you reach after some days of playing the game. Normal new users would play some days in their tutorial game before trying to create or join new games, because beforehand most don't understand the concept of multiple game rounds anyway.

    So the change should affect mostly multi accounts who know perfectly well what they are doing .

    And since we limited the amount of games per user to 1 in a month (to create more activity in existing rounds, as empty maps turn away much more users) it is also necessary to prevent game creation from brand new accounts, so that multis cannot work around this limitation too easily.
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    New, inexperienced players should be focused on learning to play the game. New, inexperienced players should not consider themselves entitled to saddle the community with multiple experimental games for the purpose of min/maxing - because new/inexperienced players would not know how to do that. Only experienced players who were multi-accounting, or simply changing names so your new name doesn't reflect the poor ratios of the initial learning curve, would need access to multiple experimental games to min/max their ranks.

    So, if you are new.... spend your time playing in games which are not yet full and learn how to play by reading the online manuals, building play-time experience, and asking veteran players for advice.

    But, if you are a multi-accouter or just starting a fresh account, you should not need to min/max your ranks if you are actually any good. Simply use your experience to play in a superior fashion and min/max using actual skill.
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    Greetings and good day.

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