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    Hello, I am looking for alliance. I have been search for quite some time and sent applications to many alliances in the game, but no response. I've even been on the forums asking to join, but to no avail. The alliance matches are coming up in a few days. I could help contribute by increasing your ranks, and boosting the teams potential. Please contact me if you need a team member.
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    Um... I am sorry for criticizing but look at your service record. You've played 26 rounds and got only two medals, plus you have more lost provinces than captured (757 - lost and 613 - captured). I am not an alliance leader or something but I don't think that any alliance needs a bad player. They need experienced players.

    El.Diablo (that's my nickname, I hope there's no bug with forum anymore)

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    The games I play are not with newbies. I've faced opponents with honorable service records.

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    Pf... You are still a bad player... There are a lot of guys who play against strong opponents and their service records are also nice.

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    I am looking for an active alliance and good and active players to play with them.
    My ingame name is LeonzBloodz. If you are looking for new players pls PM me.

    Best regards

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    Keep running your mouth Diablo.

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    Okay I've seen enough both stop this conversation where you try to denounce eachother. This is the thread of Tacitern if you're not interested in hiring him then please keep it civil and don't denounce him.

    Failure to stop the denouncing will result in sactions.

    Questions about the game? Have a look at the manual.
    Need game support? Send a ticket or contact the crew.
    Have an idea for the game? Check the BigList.

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