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    The Games - Features, are really hard to interpret

    You need to add a hover text on these things so I know that a game is Anonymous for instance, how much it costs and all the other 20 by 20 pixel icons that tell some story but you need a PHD to know them all.

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    If you click on the left side (at the games) you'll get more details:
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    While the Goldmark features are indeed more easy decipher, the regular game options (like 'unit packs' or the new 'coalitions'/'no coalitions' icons are not exactly self-explanatory, I have to admit. I have forwarded your suggestion to the game designers.

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    Oh, the system works! Thanks for that. Ideally I would like some bulletproof idiotproof paragraph to hover over with good explanation - I have played many games but still find it hard to know exactly what I am getting myself into.
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