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    Option to ban the use of GMs when creating a game


    I suggest to allow players to choose to limit the use of GMs when creating a game.
    I am taking part in a game and some players are over using GMs to the point that the game is the most boring and useless.

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    Option could be implemented if you pay 100.000 GM at the creation of the game round

    Langsam wird's wieder ;-)

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    Hi, I firstly want to thank you for taking the time to post a suggestion- however, this has been suggested many, many times before and each time it has been made clear that Goldmarks are an integral part of the game and as such its use will not be restricted. Should you want to join a game where GM is not used, I suggest maybe creating a private lobby with a couple of friends with a gentleman's agreement in place not to use it.

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    Or joining EnSeCO (see signature below)

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    Maybe there should be a daily limitation is GM usage, lets say 3.000 gm

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    3000 won't work, to many user use more so this wouldn't fit the financial interests of Bytro. E.g. building a battle ship already costs 5100 GM.

    Langsam wird's wieder ;-)

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    Having been a target of 65,000 GM + attacks, I agree with the OP. This is the reason I will not start more games.

    When you get on receiving end of 'damage building' spam, you will most likely give up on the game for good. My two cities had level 4 factories, harbors and other structures, all disappeared in minutes. It took over 2 weeks to build. It is equivalent to an ICBM hit. In a game set in year 1914.

    My cities were making battleships, to continue doing that I needed to invest maybe 100,000 GM? Who knows, it is pointless. It is Game Over. As if you're playing chess and the other player buys your rook off or something.

    The company wants to make money and don't want to limit the spending, this is logical but also short sighted. It is killing the game. Who wants to play a pay-to-win strategy game?
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