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    Suggestion: Hospital

    That hospital building in all cities should be build-able for like 2000 grain and 2000 iron.

    1) It should be able to heal troops in province (based on morale) and any other city without a hospital is unable to heal troops

    2) It should make morale gain 50% faster OR it should be a scaled levels building with extra base morale gain like a fort (+5 +10 + 15)

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    and by having a hospital and barracks in the city you should be able to make medic troops, that are lets say as powerful as normal infantry divisions, but having them in an army heals them. By "Heals" i mean either restores morale or/and during battle the troops has better endurance. so lets say if there is 10divisions vs 10divisions (in which 1 of the divisions are medics), the later one has less losses then the first one. if you want it to be in numbers, lets say having medics in a stack it gives 10% bigger chance to survive added up to the X factor that decides who kills who.

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