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    Choosing your units way

    As we all know if you want to move a unit you grab it with your mouse and drag it to the destination point and the game provides you the fastest road for the unit , but what if you want to move your unit from a specific way ?

    I suggest adding something like if you drag your unit and you press LCtrl then you could select a specific road for your units.

    This is useful because you maybe don't want to pass a region that may has enemies or you dont want to go away from your provinces etc . Experienced players could tell more reason why this is useful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you select the unit and uses the march button you can add custom targets on the way.

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    Ok so here is an example , let's say I want to move my unit to the island in the image. I want it to be moved via the red line but he can only go through the black because it is faster. But what if I wanted him to go from the red line? I should move him in parts and change his direction like once per 3-4 hours.

    What I am saying is that if you hit some button you could be able to set a custom way for your troop even if it isn't the fastest one

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    That's what you can do using the add target command. Exactly the thing you desire:
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    but how?

    I can only see a these commands , I don't see any other and none of those are working

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    give the unit a march order, in the bar below an icon "add target" will appear (under the march time)

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