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    Serious YouTube Roleplay

    Hello everyone,

    my name is Aquila and i am cooperating with the English YouTuber Alfapiomega to create a serious, moderated and hopefully long lasting roleplay in Supremacy 1914. Our main goal is to provide a fun and interesting experience for everyone involved by hosting a roleplay game that is focused on politics and diplomacy. Please note that the roleplay might be featured on YouTube.

    If you are interested in the game please use this email to register: (at=Symbol. I am not allowed to use the symbol in a forum post)

    If you don`t want to use E-Mail you may contact us via an answer to this post and we will get back to you with a private message!

    We will get back to you once we have created the game. Feel free to ask any question you may have!

    *A run up of the rules:*

    1. The usage of Goldmark (GM) during the game is prohibited. GM may only be used to enter the game.

    2. The entire roleplay will be held in english.

    3. The game is intentionally set to be fully anonymous to prevent communication outside of the games newspaper and communication feature. Please do not change your name to one others could identify you with or use communication via 3rd party enprograms (Discord etc…). It is also prohibited to reveal your identity any other way.

    4. The countries will be distributed randomly to help with the aspect of anonymity and provide element of surprise.

    5. Please keep the password for the game private at all times to prevent unregistered players from entering.

    6. It is not allowed to have 2 accounts with the same IP-Adress in the game. This will be checked by Supremacys Anti-Cheat. It is prohibited to play more than one country any other way.

    7. Players play at their own leisure. The game has no requirements but long term absence (5+ day) might lead to the destruction or partitioning of his country. The game is set in a way that AI takes over after a 2 days absence - keep this in mind.

    We are looking forward to having you in the game!
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    Sounds like fun. im up for it.
    RPU Discord Server Link (click on flag)

    The Lightning Turk Youtube Channel link (click on banner)

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    Hi bro.
    Have you heard of the RPU? The Roleplayer's Union is an organisation of roleplayers based on and around S1914,CoW,CoN,NWE and Nationstates. We also have a branch in text roleplaying. We have been roleplaying for around four years on this platform, and wish to continue the tradition. If you wish to join a committed, well-run, and developed community with contacts in many other roleplaying groups, servers, and bytro/dorado staff, this is for you. Our discord server, from which we operate from is here: . Once on this server please, contact LightningTurk, Sigmar or any other member of RPU staff to ask how to join the RPU. We currently have around 90 members across the board. Here is another link to the RPU website:
    We are currently preparing for the third instalment of the Victoria series, that was started two years ago. There are 10 more places out of the 60 remaining, so, we'd love it if you could both join the RPU and participate in this upcoming roleplay.
    RPU admin.
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