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    Seeing Allied troops in own fortresses

    I noticed that when allied troops are in your level 2 or up fortresses, you cannot see the amount of troops other than your own (see image below). This seems a bit strange if you own the province and do not know how many troops actually are in your province.

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    Right of way or shared map?

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    It doesn't really matter whether is right of way or shared map, you just should be able to see who is in YOUR fortress.....

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    Like Radactive said, it shouldn't make a difference. It is your province so you should know all about what is in your province.
    It's now like you have a house with one-way-mirrors as windows and you are having guests over, but you cannot figger out who those guests are and how many it are. That doesn't make much sense.

    For your interest, however, the relation was right of way.
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