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    [RPU] Victoria III Roleplay: Hearts of Dankness

    [RPU] The Victorian III Roleplay
    Hearts of Dankness

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    The Next and probably final Installment of the Victorian Roleplay Series, Starting from the “Victorian 1850” Roleplay round released in 2015, and continuing on with the “Victorian II: 1880 Onwards” Roleplay released in Early 2017. This Roleplaying round will carry on just as its predecessors, moving forward from the already established lore of the Victorian era alternate history universe, in which The Confederate States achieved victory against the Union, uniting America in a different form, while other powers such as Brazil shattered into various factions, to fall into civil strife. All in all, This universe maintains semi-realism in its essence, so certain events such as the Crimean War, dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, or the subsequent Warlord era of China and Russian Civil War will have still occurred, following real life lore.

    For individuals interested in viewing past Victorian Roleplay Events:

    Victoria I Yt Playlist:

    Victoria II Yt Playlist:

    An important point to note:
    I expect all roleplayers who join this round to follow the rules below, and although most are regular rules, there are certain important things to review, such as the improved Tech system, and the past history of the roleplay round.

    Credits to SgtAchaean, Sigmar1, BlackKnight78, LucasHudson58
    , and many, many others who have placed their time and effort into making this round as significant as it has been through participation and the development of lore.
    Primary Rules:

    • Starting year is 1923
    • 2 Days (DE) is 1 Year (RP)
    • NO Railguns
    • NO GM usage is permitted, however I reserve the right to use GM to eradicate those who violate the rules. Mind you, I have the capacity for lots of Goldmark.
    • We Will HEAVILY Focus On Finishing Landswap First, meaning no RP before we finish landswapping unless informed otherwise.
    • Coalitions are to be “Empire Based” only unless specified otherwise, meaning, my coalition should be named the official name of my nation, have the official flag of my nation, and consist of me as well as my vassals and/or tributary states. I reserve the right to disband any coalitions not following the rules stated above.
    • Gunther Isles belong to Germany and are off limits. While infrastructure may be built there, units may NOT be produced there and the territories are to be IGNORED in every way and form by all players. This is because they did not exist irl.
    • NO Meatshielding under any circumstances. (Meatshielding is the act of purposely stacking infantry units onto naval vessels in an effort to limit or inhibit damage to ships)
    • NO Stack Splitting to avoid fire. (Those who understand, understand)
    • 1 battleship per harbor after Heavy Munition Plants are acquired ( works in tandem with the tech system )
    • Fortresses are limited to Level 1 when without the appropriate tech
    • Factories and Railroads are Restricted without the appropriate tech.
    • Harbors, Airfields, and Level 2 Barracks require no tech to build.
    • Only Level 1 forts, Level 1 factories, and Level 2 Barracks can be built in 3rd or 4th world provinces WITHOUT Ingenuity.
    • All alliances are to be made public. Alliances which are not made public will not be considered valid ally's for calling in allies to war. Related, you can only join wars of your allies. To limit/stop the formation of super alliances, I would like to ask you all to not form excessive alliances with those around you.
    • Double Improved development system created by SgtAchaean
    • Follow the Development system and note that they limit your technology.

    Victoria III Development System:

    Victoria III Development Spreadsheet:

    Victoria III Game Map:

    Victoria III Nations List:

    Victoria III Lore Guide:

    Victoria III National Ideologies:

    RPU Discord Channel:

    War Rules and Limitations:
    These rules apply only to what may be kept at the conclusion of a war, more or less provinces can be taken during the war. Subject to change through the “Improved Logistics” Tech upgrade.
    Europe: Only 2 Provinces Can Be Taken Per War.
    North America: Up to 3 Provinces Per War.
    South America: Up to 4 Provinces Per War.
    Africa: Up to 5 Provinces Per War.
    Asia: Up to 4 Provinces Per War.

    • Forced Peace Period: Consecutive wars against the same nation and/or any other nation is limited to every 3.5 years (7 days). This system is incorporated in order to simulate post-conflict reorganization, as well as to inhibit stacking conflicts.

    • Extended War Rules: Wars lasting longer than 7 in game days (3.5 years) will be forcibly mediated by the League of Nations, and the LoN will come to a decision regarding who to support through mediating peace talks. If these peace talks are to fall through, the conflict may continue for another 7 in game days (3.5 years). If 15 in game days pass with no end to the war, the conflict will be forcibly ended by the admin.


    Applies for both vassals and colonies.

    • A vassal may be annexedevery 10 years (20 Turns) by a nation with vassals. only AI or inactive vassals may be annexed.
    • You may annex or vassalize only nations with 5 Provinces or less.
    • You may give away vassals In wars, however this will be in exchange for taking no provinces from that war.

    Applies for both vassals and colonies, which can now declare independence through two specific processes:

    • Vassals/Colonies can primarily gain independence if allowed by the imperial overlord, ergo, nobody can simply “declare independence”.
    • If Supported by the League of Nations, Vassals may declare independence from their overlord once every 50 years, at which point they will be at formal war with their overlord. If they are able to retain their capital province for 3.5 years (7 days) from the start of a LoN supported revolution, they will achieve full sovereignty.
    • During this process, no other nation may declare war on the overlord in an effort to support the vassal nation, however they may provide arms and resources. These arms and resource materials cannot be loaned or returned to nations providing them.

    The League of Nations:
    The League of Nations was established as an intergovernmental organization with the primary goals of preventing wars through collective security and disarmament as well as settling international disputes through negotiation and arbitration.

    37 Member states in 1923:
    Belgium, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Republic of China, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, FRCA, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Persia, Commonwealth, Portugal, Romania, Siam, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela, Austria, Monarchy of Croats/Serbs/Slovenes, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Ireland, Abyssinia

    The First Secretary of the League of Nations: United Kingdom

    LoN Rules:

    • Each Nation is to have one vote.
    • The LoN council is to meet once every 5 in game years to discuss significant topics.
    • Only 2 nations may be permitted into the LoN every 5 years.
    • A new Leader of the LoN is to be determined by voting every 5 years.
    • Nations may leave at any time, but must go through the entry process each time.
    • To be accepted into the LoN, nations must receive at least 20 approval votes.
    • In order for international decisions to be announced and accepted, there must be unanimous approval by all nations (excluding abstentions).
    • Unanimous international decisions that can be made by the LoN consist of the following:

      • Declare an International Embargo for up to 5 years (Nations can either refuse, leaving the LoN or accept)
      • Declare International Aid to a specific nation for a monetary value not to exceed 50,000 pounds per member nation. (Nations can either refuse, leaving the LoN or accept)
      • Declare the removal of a nation from the LoN for 5 years.
      • Declare the support of a nation’s Independence. The LoN is permitted to support independence movements of vassals and colonial states through a unanimous vote, with only one nation every 10 years being supported. This is limited to economic forms of support such as arms and resource sales. LoN members cannot get directly involved in independence conflicts.

    The Russian Civil War
    The Russian Civil War was a multi-party war in the former Eurasian Federation immediately after the Russian Revolutions of 1917 which followed the economic collapse of both Russia and China due to the victory of the Japanese Imperium, where many factions vied to determine Russia's political future.
    Nations involved in the Russian Civil War*:

    • The Kuban People's Republic
    • The Ukrainian State
    • The Provisional All-Russian Government
    • Russian Democratic Federative Republic
    • The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
    • The Provisional Siberian Government
    • The Soviet Far Eastern Republic
    • The Provisional Yakut Regional People's Government
    • The Alash Autonomy
    • The Turkic Union of Khiva and Bukhara

    The Chinese Civil War
    Following the destruction of the Eurasian Federation due to the massive economic collapse from the Japanese Imperium victory, China underwent its own civil conflict in which various factions sought to control and reestablish china as a state of a different ideology.
    Nations involved in the Chinese Civil War*:

    • Zhili Clique
    • Fengtian Clique
    • Ma Clique
    • Xinjiang Clique
    • Tibet
    • Republic of China
    • Chinese Soviet Republic

    *Mongolia must choose one of the following options prior to joining the rp round:
    1- Become involved as a faction in the Russian Civil War.
    2- Become involved as a faction in the Chinese Civil War.
    3- Refuse both civil wars and be isolationist and untouchable by any faction within the events, while at the same time not being allowed to interact with either event.

    Civil War Event Rules:

    • Both Civil Wars begin when announced on the DE. Players are permitted to post articles and roleplay the civil war from that point onwards.
    • Both Civil wars will officially go on until January 1935 (day 24 of the rp) , and factions are untouchable by outside powers until that date. After that moment they are subject to regular rules and regulations.
    • Civil war factions are still limited to rp tech restrictions and can upgrade their technology in the same manner as all other nations.
    • Nations are at constant war with each other upon game start. This does not necessarily mandate changing your diplomatic status to war as it would ruin your morale.
    • Nations are to provide constant Share Map with LightningTurk (Ottoman Empire) for confirmation that goldmark is not being used. This will go on for the duration of both civil wars.
    • Nations cannot be attacked by any nation and/or groups outside of their respective civil war (Chinese and Russian).
    • Factions within the civil wars are not permitted to attack any nation outside of their civil conflict borders.
    • Outside nations are permitted to sell arms and resources, but these must have the following prerequisites:

      • The weapon/resource amounts must be posted on the DE officially prior to the sale.
      • The weapon/resources cannot be “Loaned” to factions to be returned. All sales are final.

    • All alliances between factions are considered unofficial. Backstabbing is to be expected and welcomed.
    • Factions may surrender at any time, and choose one of the designated minor nations to become. When this is announced, this nation is no longer considered a belligerent in its respective civil war and will do a secondary landswap in order to take that minor state.
    • Minors for Those who surrender in civil wars:

      • Singapore (1 prov) [UK Vassal]
      • Bhutan (1 prov)
      • Nepal (2 provs) [UK Vassal]
      • Cambodia (1 prov) [Japanese Vassal]
      • Liberia (2 prov) [CSA Vassal]
      • Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (2 provs) [Spanish Vassal]
      • Belize (1 prov) [UK Vassal]
      • Guatemala (1 prov) [FRCA Vassal]
      • Costa Rica (1 prov) [FRCA Vassal]
      • Haiti (2 provs) [French Vassal]
      • République Dominicaine (1 prov) [French Vassal]
      • Curaçao (1 prov) [Dutch Vassal]
      • Faroe Islands (1 prov) [Danish Vassal]
      • Reorganized National Government (1 prov) [Japanese Vassal]

    Please apply on the forum thread by writing down what nation you are interested in, as well as including a sample article below that. Spots are few, so please apply asap
    Note: I reserve the right as a roleplay creator to reject applications based on prior roleplay performance and history.
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    Note: Currently Available Nations Include Khiva/Bukhara and the Zhili Clique. once those two nations are taken, we will begin the formation of the round.
    RPU Discord Server Link (click on flag)

    The Lightning Turk Youtube Channel link (click on banner)

    "I will lead my people by the hand along the road until their feet are sure and they know the way. Then they may choose for themselves and rule themselves. Then my work will be done."

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    Also, bear in mind that some players may not turn up for the actual if you wish to join, and not as either of the above mentioned nations or a more specialised negotiable vassal, you may be offered a nation if there are some that have been 'abandoned', so to speak, by their player.
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    Sample Article for Republican Brazil:

    Correio da Manhã: January, 1923 Edition.

    Name:  tumblr_nooav62GmU1swo4lto1_1280.jpg
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    [Legend: Photograph of the Imperial Family and their followers].

    • Current Political Landscape

    "As it stands, the United States of Brazil, or simply the Republic of Brazil, is a Constitutional and Presidential Federal Republic created through the establishment of the Republic of Bahia in 1863 as a result of the rebellions against the incorporation of Bahia into the Empire.

    Ever since, the wealthy bourgeoisie and the intelligentsia of the coastal cities of Brazil flocked into the Republican cause as naturally as a river flows into the sea. Being a priori favorable to the republican ideals of democracy and equality, they saw it as an means to defend their interests against the aristocratic landowners with "fancy titles" that resulted more on the whims of the Emperor rather than actual merit. As such, the Republican system meant that they could in turn replace them as the new "enlightened" elite that would govern Brazil as landed oligarchies, taking advantage of the huge autonomy that the provinces were given by the Constitution of 1891, recognising that the State did not rule on a local level; this of course has debatable results for the democratic life of Brazil.

    The Republic did much to establish itself as a respectful nation and democracy and managed to push back the Royalists into the depths of the Amazons, where they stand alongside the savages that dwell within. Being denied access to the sea is a major blow to their cause, but it's not farfetched to assume that they will find a way, either by trade with neighbouring nations or by establishing alliances with other South American nations, which means that the Republic will not have a moments rest so long as it borders such a nation who desires to bring progress to a halt. Republics are always a step up from Monarchies, especially so called "Empires" which ceased to be such a long time ago.

    Dreams of unification are still that, dreams, but the Republic will prove it's worth, as either the very people that follow the Royalists will defect their cause, or simply surrender, should it come to blows; their followers will soon grow tired of the damp Amazon weather, the isolation from the coast and communications with civilization soon enough".

    Name:  440px-Venceslau_Brás_declara_guerra_1917.jpg
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    [Legend: Signing of the Trade Union Law].

    • New Reforms, more Democracy?

    "It is no secret that the Republic suffers from numerous internal issues, be it the monopolization of the government by the oligarchy who prospered from the coffee trade, or the economic depression suffered from 1914 till 1920, which Brazil is still recovering from, which forced the government to adopt a more protectionist and interventionist stance.

    The Coronelism system, which centralized all powers in a patron-client political machine at the hands of the agrarian elite, especially the coffee planters, eventually gave rise to new political aspirations by several urban groups who felt left out of the system. The slow economic recovery has created a growing middle class who has been pushing, or rather, demanding the State for more representation in politics.

    Naturally the oligarchs have no interest in supporting such reforms, but due to the intense efforts of the Liberal elements of the government, a small but significant reform was approved, which now allows for Trade Unions to be formed in Brazil (being previously banned), as well as more freedom of press and expression for minority groups such as socialists and anarchists, preventing them from taking any "dangerous" actions against the government, and directing their protests at the landed oligarchs instead.

    The Trade Union Law was passed in early 1923, allowing for the formation of Trade Unions that will be henceforth allowed to freely conduct their activity, provided they meet specific criteria that does not harm the stability or the prosperity of the Republic, one of the conservatives main concerns.

    The law was the possible compromise given the current state of affairs and hopefully, one of many more to come".

    [End of Publication].
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    Sounds quite interesting

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    Meow much fun, much allah ahkber kekekekek
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    Note for those interested:

    the Xinijiang Clique is currently available. (8 provs) [chinese civil war]
    the republic of latvia is currently available. (1 prov)
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    (Thought someone was moving to Latvia )
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    Updates on the Roleplay

    - Latvia has been taken by Colonel Autumn (Desolator General)
    - Wales has been created as a state and has been taken by Lyghtning, It will be a vassal of the British Empire, and will be a 3 province nation.

    Current Available Slots:

    -the Xinijiang Clique is currently available. (8 provs) [chinese civil war]
    RPU Discord Server Link (click on flag)

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    "I will lead my people by the hand along the road until their feet are sure and they know the way. Then they may choose for themselves and rule themselves. Then my work will be done."

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    If there is still room, I would like to throw my name in... for a small and not so important nation.
    Quote Originally Posted by Godi View Post
    yes donrado sounds cool
    Quote Originally Posted by sazara2344 View Post
    On a smaller note, If Don becomes Admin in the Irish server, the funness of the EN Server will degrade severely.

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