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    I was unaware that this thread was no longer being monitored by Turk due to him being busy IRL. I am the round admin and shall accept you vincent. It is good to see you once more.

    Please message me so I can facilitate your entry.
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    Available Nations:

    Kingdom of Netherlands ( 18 provinces - high threat )
    Monarchist State of Croatia ( 5 provinces - high threat)
    Kingdom of Romania ( 5 provinces - relatively low threat )
    Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ( 8 provinces - high threat )

    Possible Upcoming Openings:

    First Portuguese Republic ( 31 provinces - potentially high threat )
    United States of Mexico ( 18 provinces - extremely low threat )
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    Kingdom of Netherlands is officially open. Please see the above post for information.

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    As requested, here is the application for the Livonian State (French Algeria aka Latvia)

    "Der Zorn der Menschen" (The Wrath of the People) - July-December, 1935

    Der Livländische Herold (The Livonian Herald)

    Friday, August 16th, 1935

    (Page 1)

    In the streets of the capitol of the Livonian State, Riga, soldiers of the Livonian Army, from the rank and file enlisted to their commanding officers have formed picket lines and camped outside of buildings following the order for de-mobilization in the aftermath of the peace that came from the short yet disappointing war against Estonia (whom would later be aided by Finland) lead by "Der Feldmarschall" Rüdiger von der Goltz. It comes with no surprise as following the uneasy peace with the north, the Feldmarschall has taken a different approach in regards to matters of state, and shifted attention towards other affairs rather than the nation's pride and founders - the army. It was rumored that following the peace, the Feldmarschall intended to slash wages for the army and pensions, directing them towards other sectors of the economy. Already, the Livonian Army - said to be intact and fully functional from the Estonian War, was disappointed with the "betrayal" that the Feldmarschall had submitted them to - signing a peace despite the eagerness of the men willing to fight for their pride and heritage. A feeling of distrust towards the current government emerged among the ranks of those on the battlefield as they claimed to have been "stabbed in the back" by politicians, and government pen-pushers above whom, lacking the spine for a war, signed off a humiliating withdrawal from Estonia that left the army abandoned and shamed.

    The vivid imagery, or rather fantasies of soldiers coming back home victorious, bearing flags and trophies from the defeated was instead a grim march down the streets of Riga, as in orderly fashion, the army was ordered to return to their pre-war posts, and return to civilian life - one of which many are not used to, as these are career soldiers - whose entire life depends on the military. To make matters worse, the native Latvian population - making up the majority of Livonia's population and having the least percentage in the army, actively mocked the returning soldiers, who were a mix of ethnic Germans from der Vaterland (Germany), Germans expelled from Poland, the native elite Baltic Germans, and few Latvian volunteers, all of which these different men were bound together by the Livonian flag as one united entity.

    "We were stabbed in the back" many said when questioned, as they held up flags of Livonia and the Baltic Army in the streets of Riga. These soldiers had conquered Tallin, and were willing to fight the Finns on the battlefield, but when orders came from above, they had no choice but to withdraw in orderly fashion, leaving behind what their comrades had died for in vain, every bloody inch given up without a fight. "Who is to blame?" they said - "der Feldmarschall!" Except for an inner circle of elite military brass that was the Feldmarschall's circle from Poland, the majority of the army has begun to lose faith and their unquestioning loyalty to der Feldmarschall following the decision of peace. They had followed him through the Exodus from Poland, and after the bloodletting for control of the Baltic were they able to settle down in their new home. But now it seems that their "father" figure has begun to show age, or rather incompetence - to which a new breed of leaders may take their chances...

    (Page 2)

    In the months, or rather years following the peace - there has not been that many public appearances of the Feldmarschall, once considered to be the founder of this nation. Perhaps he is hiding his shame from being forced into an undesirable resolution from the Estonian War. But now, after demands by his soldiers to see him, his closest advisers had released in their limited contact with the soldiers that the Feldmarschall has fallen ill with tuberculosis. Perhaps the loss of prestige and respect from the previous war had drained his health and livelihood, that some even dare say he is a shell of his former self. But now, with the sole wielder of power in Livonia put on the sickbed, many have come out of the shadows in their gamble to seize this power. This is the birth of the Livonian Administration...

    The Livonian Administration consists of many "yesmen" and followers of der Feldmarschall who act as a temporary authority until the fate of the Feldmarschall is finally determined. An oligarchy in practice, the numerous opportunistic officers of the Administration bicker among themselves over matters of state and policy. How to deal with the disgruntled army? How to deal with the stagnating economy? Just like the inefficient democratic systems, numerous minds and voices leads to infighting and division, as the Administration only fights itself while the country is on the verge of breaking...

    Five Livonian Marks


    - The State of Livonia begins to have clamour for government reform and change. (Government Shift from "Neutral - Oligarchy" to "Nationalist - Totalitarian"
    - Feldmarschall Rudiger von der Goltz is discredited for his defeat in the Estonian War, loyalty begins to break down in the army as a result.
    - "Livonian Administration" is acting government while the Feldmarschall is sick, it is notorious for being ineffective and corrupt - which leads to more anger from the people.
    - The political situation in Livonia provides a breeding ground for a new generation of nationalists and leaders. (These characters will be introduced in future articles.)

    ---------- Der Livländische Herold ----------
    “In war there is no substitute for victory.”

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    Excellent DFC. Accepted ( even though you were already accepted a few days ago! ).

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    Romania and the Netherlands have been filled. Available nations are now as follows!

    Available Nations:

    Monarchist State of Croatia ( 5 provinces - high threat)
    Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ( 8 provinces - high threat )
    United States of Mexico ( 18 provinces - extremely low threat )

    Possible Upcoming Openings:

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