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    Bowl Reconstruction (+30 Bears)

    Wanted new players to the old alliance still in 10th place in the Allies Alliance rankings and almost 2 million GM in warchest.

    Wanted leader for the alliance. Leader with the desire of time and Energies to provide the alliance with future and development.

    Wanted Moderator to the alliance for running a page on Facebook and all kinds of cool ideas author and performer.

    Wanted players, it's important that they treat themselves and others seriously above 30 years of age and would like to play them. Required skype and activity on it and good mood.Prohibited defiance of boorishness towards other players, even if they are divided into other supporters or have different political views, and multiscreen activities. We accept players from the 20 maps played experience you will get with us.

    Purpose of the reconstruction: sparring games and first place in the ranking of alliances.

    I am coming back to the game, I will hold the keys to the alliance, but I will not enter the competences of the leader. The first leader has a year of power from my posting, then we will be the leader to choose clan votes.

    Candidates for leaders or Moderators invite you to join us.


    Please use English only on the English forums. I took the freedom to translate your message with google translate

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