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    No change for arrival time when deactivating railway


    I noticed that when you are at war enemy troops will not arrive later once they are given a marching command and after that you deactivate your railway for instance. Also when you conquer an enemy province and enemy troops aproaching the city of this province will keep marching with the same speed.
    The example as seen below is of when I just conquered an enemy province which had a railway just before my last attack, but got damaged afterwards. However, enemy troops aproaching keep the same speed as if they are marching on own grounds and as if there is still a working railway. Traveling 10 minutes over this distance clearly is not the time you would travel normaly on enemy grounds.

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    This clearly is not logical, at least to me. So, I guess this is a point of improvement.

    Kind regards

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    the speed of every unit is newly calculated as soon as the unit passes a waypoint. All calculations are based on these waypoints because it would cause a really big lag on all maps if this calculation would be done in real-time.

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    okay, thanks for the explanation.
    Would it be possible to recalculate the speed of a unit when a change occurs in a province it is in, instead of calculating it realtime? (just wondering).
    Anyway, it's too bad I guess otherwise

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