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    Submarines & Troops

    Hi, can submarines house troops and hide them from the enemy just as the submarine is hidden? If so, how many troops?

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    No, any troops added to a submarine will remain visible. But the morale (of the other troops) won't fall if you combine these with submarines.

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    So, if you had a stack of 100 units ,at 100% morale and you attached them to a sub and travelled from point X to then attack point Y, they would in theory land at 100% morale (or maybe a few percent less, due to embarking and disembarking)?
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    Yes, that's correct. If you avoid embarking / disembarking over the day change the troops will remain at 100% morale.

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    Does that apply to any naval unit or just to submarines?

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    Thanks, I will give it a try at some time.

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