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    Non goldmark game

    Hello,I am looking for active (experienced if possible) players to start a series of games with no goldmark allowed. Being active is also a requirement,so if you want to join don't quit,it's not fun to play against AI. We will be using a pasword and if you break one of these 2 rules you will probably be excluded from future games unless you had a good reason. We curently need more players for a 31p map. Countries will be randomly asigned so nobody is upset because they joined late and could chose only from the bad ones. Coalition victory is allowed. So just a normal 31p map but I want to be more selective with people that join. Leave a comment here or send me a message if you want to join

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    Hi Sebi I am very interested in joining this game as it would be nice to play a good game of strategy without the use of money.

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    hello I am active and experienced and I prefer non GM games

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    any contact,RussBrad?
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    no nothing yet, patience I suppose

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    you can start your own map/game

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    Still available

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    Please accept my application to join.

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