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    Is it a cheat if a player accepts your coalition application, gets the right of way agreement, then kick you?

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    No, it is not against the rules.

    This is a common tactic that backstabbing players do.

    1. First, they invite you to their coalition.
    2. They maintain friendly relationship with you and obtain your trust once you are in their coalition.
    3. Once you've left yourself vulnerable thinking that you wouldn't be attacked by your own coalition members they kick you out of the coalition.
    4. They begin taking your undefended territories with ease.

    The best thing to do is do not trust your allies or coalition members so easily. Once you've fallen weak or they see that you are vulnerable they will eventually turn against you.

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    That's not a tactic its abusing game mechanics to be honest and should be outlawed

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    It's not an abuse of the game mechanics if you kick a weak coalition member which doesn't help the coalition to win the game.

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    I think the coalition is useless if you can kick or attack a player.
    We already had alliances. The only benefit will be the the less points to win a game, but is not a huge one.

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    Well it's a mor eofficial way but offcourse backstabbing can still happen indeed. It also unlocks a coalition messag eboard

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