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    Game Update 2018/03/13

    Today's update features a number of bugfixes and small improvements to make your games of Supremacy 1914 more enjoyable:

    - Some players received defeat pop-ups even though they won the round. This has been fixed.
    - Text fields in the Diplomacy menu were deselected after some time. This has been fixed.
    - In the newspaper, the search filters now reset when you close and open the newspaper again.
    - In some cases, the time to build a Workshop (Lvl 1) was displayed incorrectly. This has been fixed.

    The following changes have already been introduced by an earlier, intermediary release:

    - We added arrows to the construction / production menus to allow toggling between provinces within that menu.
    - On the maximum zoom level nation names are now displayed next to a nation's flag (can be disabled via filters).
    - We fixed a number of map bugs (including the infamous bug leading to Greenland having less starting units on Arms Race event maps).
    - We fixed a display error that led to the impression that games were not sent to the archive after archiving them.
    - We added an "open all"/"close all" button to the new games list. Also, a few missing game options were added to the detailed game info.

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