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    Napoleonic Games Waiting List

    I've been contacted by players wishing to take part in one of the Age of Napoleon games I've been running. These are run on the 10-Player Europe Map (though it might be fun to try on the 31-Player map at some time if there is enough interest.

    If you're interested in playing in one of these games, post below so you can be contacted. When there are enough to fill a game I'll start one. The special rules in play follow:



    These games are trying recreate warfare in the pre-industrial Napoleonic era and have special rules to reflect that. Each game day will be considered to be half a year, giving two 'turns' per year, Spring and Autumn. The game will begin in 1782 with the peace period ending just before the fateful year of 1789.

    RAILWAYS: Only started to appear around 1830 so CONSTRUCTION OF RAILWAYS MAY NOT BEGIN UNTIL DAY 90

    FACTORIES: Only factories of LEVEL 1 are allowed. This means that it will not be possible to build Tanks, Railguns, Battleships, Heavy Tanks, Fighters, Bombers or Submarines. ALL such units are BANNED. ARMOURED CARS are also BANNED.

    AIRFIELDS may NOT be constructed

    When a province controlled by the AI is captured and found to have illegal buildings, railways must be disabled and no mechanised units (artillery or cruisers) may be constructed in the province thereafter.

    ALLOWED UNITS: Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Balloons and Light Cruisers ONLY. Banned units offered in trade for goldmarks are also banned. To cut down the speed of Cruisers to Napoleonic levels (when they appear), Cruisers cannot leave port without a complement of marines on board (infantry brigade). Cruiser Fleets / flotillas which lose ALL their marines cannot move until some of their marines have been replaced by reinforcements from elsewhere.

    In other words, a fleet accompanied by at least 1 infantry brigade can move. A fleet unaccompanied by infantry cannot.

    The games will have a maximum peace period to give people time to develop trading partners (I don't think it will be possible for most countries to supply all their needs) and conduct future diplomacy.

    COALITIONS are allowed, but can have a maximum of THREE member countries

    ROLEPLAYING is encouraged, as is renaming rulers and replacing portraits (and flags) with more appropriate ones.

    Role Playing Aids

    To give the game the flavour of 1782 it would help if players

    1) Renamed their country's ruler to the actual ruler at the time

    2) Changed their Portrait to a portrait of the actual ruler (easily found on Google).

    3) Changed their flag to the flag of time (again, should be found on google).

    All you have to do is click on the picture of your ruler in the top left hand corner of the map and it will take you to the appropriate screen where the changes can be made.

    To get you started, the rulers of the various countries in 1782 were:

    Britain: George III
    France: Louis XVI
    Austria: Joseph II
    Sweden: Gustav III
    Russia: Catherine II
    Ottoman Empire: Sultan Abd-ul-Hamid
    Spain: Charles III
    Morocco: Mohammed III

    Italy wasn't unified until the 1860s, so the Italian player has a choice between:

    Peter Leopold I (Grand Duke of Tuscany)
    Ferdinand I King of the Two Sicilies (Napes and Sicily)
    (Pope) Pius VI

    (Please choose only one, otherwise your roleplaying will get too complicated for others to follow).

    It's not mandatory to do this but, as I said, it would help give these games the right historical 'flavour'.
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