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    ELO Game


    Alliance Liga Narodów Zjednoczonych [LNZ] (League of united nations) ( Our Alliance has been expanding and we are looking for new challenges and new Alliances, who want to play a ranked game (ELO) against us.

    We suggest playing on following rules:

    Scenario Europe 1914 (5vs5 players)

    Peace period 3 days. (51 hours, first day lasts 3 hours)

    Max. Inactivity 2 days. (With a possibility of changing a player by support team)

    Without nation selection.

    Prohibition of using GoldMarks and the wheel of fortunes and production of heavy tanks.

    Date to be agreed.

    Alliances interesed in playing the game are pleased to write a private message to me.

    Best regards,

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    Your link to the alliance page isn't working right. It's shows people current alliance they're part of.

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