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    The company representatives stated approximately four minutes as a criteria for the retargeting mechanic to work and whilst they might not necessarily be wrong in doing so... Rest assured that they might not necessarily be right either.

    Allow me to explain why:

    The retargeting mechanic appears to be solely dictated by the server response time, just like the shoot 'n scoot tactic. This means that you can have anything from a few seconds to several minutes to retarget depending on the server response time, which in turn means that the criteria of approximately four minutes the company representatives provided can either be right or wrong depending on the server response time.

    Ultimately, the viability of the retargeting mechanic has been greatly exaggerated due to the ambiguousness of the statement the company representatives made.

    It is an art that can be mastered, make no mistake. If people can master shoot 'n scoot, which relies on the same foundation as the retargeting mechanic, then I fail to see why people would not be able master retargeting.
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