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    Recruiting an alliance Mod for The Hell Legion

    Hello EN Server Players!

    this post is to inform the server that the Hell Legion has officially started the research of a player who would be able to cover the position of Alliance Mod in one of the best alliance of this server/game.

    We need a player with a decent experience and a lot of time to dedicate to the game to renew the international part of the Hell Legion to eventually take it over.


    1) Be able to recruit valid players
    2) Be able to make player grow in skills and lead them in battle
    3) Be able to mantain good relationship between players in the alliance

    What can we offer:

    1) To let you player for one of the best alliance of this server/game.
    2) To give you the chance to lead a group of players and much more.


    1) Skype contact
    2) Much activity in game and managerial skills
    3) Decent experience in game

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

    Best regards,

    Iug, Leader of The Hell Legion.

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    I've come across this post that THL is looking for a new Alliance Moderator for international recruitment.
    I'm currently active on the Dutch server in an alliance named Neus Snuiten
    as their Recruitment Officer. So far about 8 Dutch people of the (small) alliance were recruited by me. You must know that the Dutch server is very small and this was no easy task. I could recruit Dutch players for THL as the Dutch know their English very well and most are already active on the En server as well.
    I usually try to recruit extraordinary and active players with a good service record that I meet during several games or are brought to my attention otherwise. I'm usually active in intervals during the entire day until late at night from 9am to 1-2am seeing as my work allows me to acces the game occassionally during work hours. I play 3 to 9 maps at any given time.
    I've also designed websites both for Neus Snuiten and Livy Vae Victis: and
    I'm also fluent in English, Dutch, French and understand German.
    I've also worked as a moderator for Bytro in the past.

    The reasons that I want to apply for this function are threefold:
    1/ After all of my years playing, I feel the Dutch server has become too small. I always play with and talk to the same people over and over. The chat is basically dead 90% of the time. I want to play games with a bigger community so launching myself on the EN server would be great.
    2/ If I play on the EN server I don't want to do this from a position where I'm still in a Dutch alliance and have no friends or knowledge of any of the players on this server. A strong alliance with 20+ members like THL would be the ultimate starting point for me. I also love alliance battles and seeing as you rank #2 I'm sure there will be some activity.
    3/ Personal pride The name is awesome, the logo is awesome, fire is awesome. I've seen this alliance in the past and it's always stayed in my mind because it stands out. Simply put, your name and logo are frickin cool.

    I hope you will consider me and thank you for your time.

    Long Life to the Hell Legion!


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    My username is November Terra and I would like to pose a question.

    You state that you are looking (externally) for a new Alliance Mod, however, I would expect that such an esteemed and experienced alliance as yours would have numerous, quality members; many of whom would be highly capable of taking over the role for which you are recruiting for in this thread. In addition, these people would already have experience in working together with one another and have already existing trust, faith, and respect for one another.

    I am for this reason confused as to why you feel the need to find someone from outside the alliance to take over this position. Is there truly no one better suited for the position of Alliance Mod already in THL who could be rewarded for their hard work and dedication over their weeks/months/years of participation in the alliance?

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    Hi November,

    thanks for your question and sorry for the delay in my reply.

    First of all, i would like to point out that The Hell Legion has always promoted internal members from Recruits to Alliance Mods (all the current mods have been recruits in the Legion). However, for different reasons which you might know only if you have ever worked in some multinational serious company (which i doubt since your post...), we have decided to look around for external players. Here some of the above mentioned reasons:

    1) Attract valid and ambitious players in a time where it's difficult to find them generally speaking (due to many aspect of supremacy...)

    2) Get active players who might bring a different point of view and values to the Legion (not that we really need it since the outstanding results achieved so far with our method that it has always succeeded) but better to try/diversify sometime.

    3) Personal problems: i can't anymore dedicate much time in following, training, watching over legionnaires to eventually promote them to such role. might be easier for me to get the externally.

    4) All my players know how much difficult, important and time consuming be a mod of THL can be and they trust (lucky for me) my judgement fully. so if i believe i can find someone better for this position externally, they accept it as they have always trusted all my decisions which brought us where we stand.

    5) Finally, The Hell Legion has already defeated your little alliance once. That's not a reason why we are looking for a new mod externally but it makes me wonder why that happened with wise people like you in SK.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


    Iug, Leader of The Hell Legion

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