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    Looking for more stuff to do in your games?

    Aren't you tired of the usual Supremacy games where you just eat the AI/inactives, build up and steam roll the other nations? You'll be lucky if you get some drama stirring the game up, but usually, it ends the same way, the game ends. If you want more spice in the games you play and really go in-depth to where normal games don't take you, then you need to join the RPU! (Roleplayers Union). A branch of the RPU, the RPU Tertiary Union (since we have many members that need more than one alliance, hence a Union), is looking for more members and the RPU in general wants YOU to be part of the Roleplaying community!

    What is Roleplaying?
    -Roleplaying is the activity where you are a nation but act as another nation depending on the era, theme of the Roleplay and such. You can write articles in the DE to give you more in-depth lore and can explain your external activities as well as make up Internal ones.

    What does the RPU look for?
    -The RPU looks for people who want for spice in their game life here in Supremacy. In Roleplay, you don't necessarily aim to conquer the entire world but to have fun with your fellow players while conquering this and that. The great thing about RPing is that you can totally do something else other than constantly build up and such, like writing articles that can give your nation or even your leader more life!

    Is Roleplaying limited to writing Articles and changing my leader's name and title?
    -Definitely not! In the RPU, we constantly try to explore and expand the boundaries and limits of Roleplay! THe RPU Discord has channel groups for specific RPs and you can even Role play meetings, encounters and deals on discord and it's great! We even have an ongoing Text RP only on Discord! (ISIS)

    How can joining the RPU actually help nurture my love for RPing?
    -In the RPU, in Discord, we have a channel for people finding players to participate in Roleplays, introduce and even make new RPs! We also have channels and branches that connect Supremacy players with other Bytro and non-Bytro games like NWE, CON and NationStates. We also have Role plays and people that help you train your skill in making articles and doing proper RPing and it's a great journey!

    All in all, the RPU offers much for the bored player who wants more. We want you to have a better experience in Supremacy and hope that you will join us in making RPing and Supremacy a cooler game!

    So what are you waiting for? Join the RPU Tertiary Alliance NOW!!!

    (Our Discord invite for you)

    Official Name: The Roleplayers Union Tertiary Alliance

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