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    Unscheduled Downtime

    Dear generals,

    sadly we had a database issue tonight which resulted in a loss of game information and some games not being available. For this reason we reinstated the affected games to their state from 2:41 AM CEST. Goldmark that have been spent after 2:41 AM CEST in those games will be refunded. In addition, all affected players will receive a general compensation of 5.000 Goldmark within the next 24h. We are truly sorry for any inconveniences this might have caused.

    Your Supremacy 1914 team

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    Game 2302374 is down for no reason?

    Can we get update on that?

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    ALL my games are down now! Im currently playing 6...ALL say being either deleted/offline.

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    Hi all, we are experiencing server issues right now and are investigating. Please apologize the inconvenience and bear with us a little longer.

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    second time this week the whole thing goes down. I am in a big war that will determine the outcome of my map....why does this keep happening?

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    I blame the millennials... (Wets pants, shakes fist at the sky)

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    Unfortunately, tonight's issue is completely unrelated to the first one. On the positiv side, we have identified the issue now and expect a fix very soon.

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    I sure hope so, or I will be wanting a refund for my high command membership!

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    Games should be slowly getting back online now. Around 60 percent of game servers are already reachable again. Thank you for your patience everyone!

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