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    Question Deleted Account?


    Ive come back to the game from a long break and discovered that my account doesn't exist what can I do? The only reason I can think that it is deleted is because I have played in anti cheat games with a friend on the same ip more than once(I ignored the rule). Was my account perm deleted or am I not allowed to play anymore and this account will be deleted due to the no multiple accounts rule.

    note: I have now read and intend on following the rules.

    account in question: 123Firebug


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    write a ticket so the support team can check this.
    the most important is the e-mail used to register the account - if you have the e-mail you can see if the account got banned or you only forgot the password

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    Thanks for the info. I will create a ticket just as soon as I find the ticket system. I am unsure of the email used so that will be a complication.

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    I found the ticket system. Thanks again.

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    According to what I've found the account still exists. Not disabled by user nor by moderators could the password potentially be wrong?

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