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    Is it me or are submarines overpowered? I mean accordinflg to the manual they have the same amount of hitpints as a Battleship, 2/3 the strength and can only be detected by one unit. Beyond the historical inaccuracies this is plain broken, am I missing something?

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    Submarines can only act in melee battle so they aren't overpowered.

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    Sure and they can easily get within melee range as they are invisible...

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    but they get easily damaged because of the melee battle needs at least three subs to destroy a battle ship

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    Submarines are really vulnerable when it gets engaged in melee combat with other units.

    Once submarines enter melee combat, they get locked in combat (which also makes them visible) and vulnerable, actually more so that submarines cannot flee.

    If an enemy has units at sea that are being escorted by battleships, light cruisers, and/or subs then attacking units at sea is basically suicide.

    In my opinion, the submarines strong points are scouting without being detected and ambushing units at a sea that are not defended with a naval convoy.

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    What Grim said, ...especially the last bit.

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