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Thread: Awful Lag

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    Awful Lag

    What on earth happened, I joined a game after many months and now there's horrible lag. It's basically unplayable.

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    Big maps like the 500p map tend to become slow in the late game play due to the amount of troops placed / fighting on these maps.

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    you can write a ticket out of the game
    A GO will check the round
    To do so:
    click the three bars, menu opens, click the bug

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    I've just checked your game round 2328226 and couldn't find any lag.
    The response times are normal (below 200 ms) and troop movement also doesn't create any lag.

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    I must disagree with that assessment, Mr. Boris.

    Dragging the map is difficult now. Hovering over units does not high light them and attempting to drag them does not show their path. After trying to drag a unit, it does not visually show the change without refreshing

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    Hello Callimaco, yesterday and today we had an issue with one of our game databases which led to games being unresponsive / lagging for a few minutes every 2-3 hours. It is quite likely that you were affected by this problem. Has this improved since then? On our side the database issue is fixed.

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    I'm afraid it's persisting. That makes me think it's an issue on my end, but I can't imagine why. My connection is fine and it's not an old computer.

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    If it's a problem with the graphic card you could try to disable fog of war (click the three bars in the lower right corner and afterwards the FoW icon).
    I checked your game round again and it's running really smooth.

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