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    Cool Glitch with recruiting office

    It happened in this game: Game 2324217

    Pictures speak for themselves.
    I was able to click repair and it fixed up fine, so it seems it's just a display problem.Name:  bug1.png
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    Name:  Bug2.png
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    Name:  Bug3.9.png
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    Hi Madgemade,

    Thanks for raising this.

    So we can best deal with this, we need to check a couple of things.

    Have you refreshed your browser?
    Have you closed your browser and opened it again?

    Normally this helps clear up any delays with the repair.

    Kind regards,
    Supremacy 1914 Moderator

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    It's a known, randomly appearing error that the recruiting office isn't shown damaged but it's damaged.
    Currently the only available fix is to repair the recruiting office.
    It isn't a delay in the repair process - just the damage isn't shown even the recruiting office is damaged.

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    That's right there's no delay with the repair. This happened again in the same game. It seems to be when I capture a province the building looks like that instead of being destroyed.
    When I click repair it takes the same amount of time to repair as if it was built new after being destroyed.
    If I see this bug again I will reload the game and see if that makes the building show as destroyed instead of 0/2 damaged.

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