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    Angry Game 2324217 has disappeared completely

    I was in a 4x Speed Round, Game No 2324217. I last played it yesterday.
    When I logged in this morning the game wasn't in My Games or the Archived Games section.

    I have tried to search for it in The Games but to no avail.

    The only unusual thing I noticed about this game was that it was unavailable a few times yesterday due to maintenance, but after this it was working fine.

    I don't see how players can be expected to put a lot of time and potentially for some players GM's into a game for it to then vanish without any expectation and with no rewards given.

    This particular game was a very close match between a number of very skilled and active players with considerable diplomacy being used, one of the best games I have (had been) played in a very long time. So I'm sure that that for it to disappear like this will be very frustrating for the 6 or 7 other players involved.

    Even if this is some sort of mistake or glitch and the game can be restored then it will still have ruined the game as many players will have lost a lot due to not being able to log in or will have just quit after not seeing it and will become inactive.

    Unfortunately I think I will now have to take a brake from Supremacy as after putting many hours into this game over a good few weeks for it to just be gone like this is VERY annoying indeed.

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    Hello Madgemade, thank you for your report. Unfortunately, a bug has affected the remaining speed rounds which led to all players being flagged as inactive - and hence to the premature termination of those rounds. We are very sorry about this and are currently investigating the reason for it. We will update you on the situation and our compensation plans as soon as possible.

    That being said I am aware that playing a round of Supremacy 1914 is not only about investing time and/or Goldmark but also about investing diplomatic skill, patience and passion. If all of this is rendered irrelevant by a bug that shuts down a game overnight I can totally get your frustration. I can only promise that we do not take bugs like these lightly and will try to further improve the stability and reliability of our services in the future.

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    I find this unacceptable. This is a reason for me to stop with supremacy. I put a lot of time and money in this beautiful speed round! Its a shame guys and you can't call this a bug...

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    I really hope this Situation can be fixed..As someone that works Extreme Summer Hrs,this was one of my last Campaigns for quite some time..The disappointment of losing this game is honestly pretty bitter at this Time..

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    finished game round can't be opened again

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    The Arms Race game is completely gone. I checked this morning and it was fine, six hours later, gone!
    I am not happy as I have put well over a month into this and was in a position to win or at least place second. The offer of 7000 gm to compensate seems pretty weak as I'm still waiting for the 5000 gm that was promised the last time this happened.

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    Arms race games are gone for me also. I have been given 7000 for that though. I'm not really complaining as I was pretty much losing badly with no active players except my enemy so it feels a big wrong to get those GM's for a game I don't care about vs other games I did.

    I guess we can only hope it doesn't happen again.
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    My game desapered too. It was after a actualization window asked me about new password (was it sended by you?). And after I clicked and sended an old game (finished) to arquive.

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    Hello Megaton, can you please submit a bug report about this? It doesn't seem to be related to the Speed Round issue. Thanks!

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    Trench RabbitRegisto

    My game desapered too. It was after a actualization window asked me about new password (was it sended by you?). And after I clicked and sended an old game (finished) to arquive.


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