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    Support our troops tombola always gives blueprints?

    I've managed to build up a level 7 jackpot and maintain it for about 2 weeks now spinning nothing but blueprints. Is the wheel bugged?

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    you are wrong, I got everything possible there (even five times the jackpot)

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    I get pretty much only blueprint and only 1 at a time. I have got other stuff including high command but it's usually blueprints.

    I think it's either how you time the click to stop the wheel or just a low change of anything else. I don't know what the jackpot stuff is all about I'm pretty sure I have only ever got 1 blueprint never the higher amount's it claims you can get. The jackpot might just be for paying high command or something like that.

    But anyway I'm pretty sure there's no bug with this as it's been out for years now, if there was an issue it would have been fixed long ago.

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    There were some bugs with it but in the advantage of the user. The display is however wrong the chances aren't as they seem equal. the game itself uses random calculation in which single bp is the highest chance and jackpot the lowest

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