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    Disabling RailWays but still able to move RG's along them??

    This Player will order his/her RG's to move, then he/she disables the Railway to slow down my perusing men, however his/her RG does not stop.
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    No bug, just the normal game mechanics, movements are only calculated while passing a waypoint.

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    funny seems to be a common answer "its game mechanics" when it clearly affects one player and not both. This game is filled with these little mechanics players seem to take full advantage of. :/

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    Attacking players get a disadvantage - defending players get an advantage - nothing great to discuss as every player can use the advantage.

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    call it whatever you want, I do not expect perfection in the game, but when an obvious flaw is pointed out and it is referred to as normal mechanics I can not help but feel like its an excuse to avoid admitting its a flaw. Years i have played this game, and never before have i played a round where a player has used almost every "Game mechanic" available to push themselves into victory, Bomber avoiding, RR disabling, Troop splitting, even trying to get me banned, been a real eye opener always curious how some had such high K/D Ratios Hahaha.

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    it's not possible to check the state of every unit instantly. This would break all bigger maps (esp. the 500 player maps) due to server load. Also the amount of data transferred would exceed most connection speeds. So units are only newly calculated at the moment the unit reaches a waypoint - this reduces the number of calculations on the maps and provides a good gaming experience. You surely won't want to wait a number of seconds every time an unit gets a new order or some rails are disabled.
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    Good Point, Thanks for all your responses, I understand more clearly now. Looking forward to future rounds.

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    For the same reason it is worth reselecting the destination of units in certain cases. Such as when you capture a province your troops will continue to move at the slow speed until they reach the city. Also when you build a railway it doesn't effect units already in motion.
    I have noticed this from the destination timer.

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    Correct, Madgemade
    If you change the order(s) manually the unit(s) is/are calculated instantly.

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