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    Factories show up on day 5, but can't build them


    I have just encountered a weird bug. Factories how just showed up in the 'Buildings' menu, but I can't start building them - it says 'Currently building', even though I am not building anything in these provinces. As far as I remember, Factories are available from day 8 - and it's day 5.

    Game ID: 2,382,412
    User ID: 9354209
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    I tried building them by the 'queue' button and this is what happens:

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    I have just received High Command from the spinning wheel for two days.
    While it might partially be a feature, not a bug (letting players with High Command order a construction before the building is enabled) - the reason provided by the game ('currently buidling') is confusing and, most likely, not intended - and therefore a bug. The message should be the same as on the queue screen ('waiting for required tech level').

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    I see yeah on my browser it seems I don't get any message the build option is just grayed out which I found convenient enough so far. However you are right if you get a message it should be with the right reason why you can't built it directly

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