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    Escalating Name (country)

    Simply suggestion to help people respond better to excessive Gold-mark abuse. Having an icon next to the country that real-life equates to military build-up. going from green to red as more gold-marks are spent. Now gold-marks loss their effectiveness later in game (personal experience) so allowing the mark to cool off over time will allow players to balance themselves to prevent being targeted.
    Idea suggestion
    green 0-5k
    yellow 5k-15k
    orange 15k 30k
    red 30k+

    minus 1k each day

    If someone wants to rewrite this post please do so. I just wanted to bring the discussion here to the forums

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    There surely won't be such an icon. This would only cause more flame wars in the maps (due to the goldmark usage). The developers won't spend any time for the implementation.

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    I'd like to add to Boris answer

    Next to it already breaking bytro's very own ToS, (blacklisting) this would also be against privacy laws to share with others what people spend to this game.

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