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    Hahah yes indeed. I wonder what's up with that and who's this Chris Brittain

    I'm the Poland guy and I'm TheVictoriousMan II. Here's my sample:

    The chilly mist of a quiet spring morning slowly descended upon the treelines beyond the fields. Bright reflection of the sunlight made it seem as if clouds had come to reclaim the land. A heavenly sight indeed, it would have made for a majestic and calming scene of a painting, were it not for the commotion on the muddy road between the fields. The occasional swearing of the Polish riders and the Lithuanian package carriers were drowned out only by the whining of the wooden wheels of the carriage. Ukrainian peasants, assembled to pull the carriage by rope to relieve the horses of some of their predicament, bearded and ragged as they were, made a stark contrast to the groomed and glittery winged hussars. It made for quite a representative image of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. A recently formed union between Poland and Lithuania, encompassing a large variety of nationalities and religious branches. Inside the carriage, a man entirely uninvolved in his immediate surroundings and the ensuing struggle with mother nature, king Sigismund III of Vasa. A man in his mid 60s and of just as mixed a background as the union he ruled - born a Swede, raised a Catholic, now the king of the Polish and Lithuanian nobility, twenty years ago having the following included in his titles "Dei Gratia, king of Swedes, Goths and Wends", by now long ago having been deposed from the Swedish throne by Charles. A setback he was more than prepared to undo. Needless to say, God had not been lenient in granting him struggles.

    Just as the morning mist slowly engulfed the forest and advanced upon the convoy of about a hundred men, so did religious turmoil begin to consume Europe. The growing decadence and corruption of the Catholic church had produced revolutionary movements across the continent, as people pledged their support to either the reformist or the counter reformist movements. This was not a welcome change for Sigismund, for religious affairs had already cost him the throne of Sweden. Being a devout follower of the Roman church, he had successfully managed separating the Polish-Lithuanian Orthodox church from the Eastern eparchies and aligned it with the Holy See. However this produced its fair share of troubles by itself, further dividing a fragmented union and causing trouble with portions of Ruthenian peasants and Cossacks as well as powerful nobles willing to take advantage of this.

    Then there was the szlachta. The ancient body of nobles of the commonwealth that retained most of the privileges and powers of the union. The kings had long struggled with the nobles, and nothing would please Sigismund more than their complete submission to the crown, but ever since the 1606 revolt he knew better than to go against their will. "Mark my words, this lot of greedy little nobles will be the doom of this union" he would say privately to trusted ears. He knew that in opposing a strong king, they were also opposing a strong Rzeczpospolita. Alas, the noble democracy of the Sejm reigned dominant and especially under the crippling chains of liberum veto, the king was sure to be undermined at every move while hopeless to reform the stagnant system.

    He tried not to think of the external problems - the failure to impose his crown on the Muscowites. The Turks to the south. The growing power of Habsburgs. The possible wars over the throne of Sweden. The religious turmoil. No, as of now, he was to arrive in Smolensk in three days to fully incorporate the newly conquered voivodeship into the union.

    The thoughts of what was to come next forced a deep sigh out of the king, as the fog engulfed the convoy entirely.

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    Dang, how do I edit posts? I don't have the ability for some reason.

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    And I made a discord account. Same name as here.

    Sorry for triple post, I think guests can't edit.

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    Nice sample my friend. Really enjoyable read. Welcome to the RP.

    I cannot find you on Discord without the full tag, so please add me and I will add you to the group.


    Make sure you add everything, along with hashtags when searching for me.

    An honest private man often grows cruel and abandoned when converted into an absolute prince.
    Give a man power of doing what he pleases with impunity, you extinguish his fear.
    Consequently overturn in him one of the great pillars of morality.
    The madness. The treachery. The strong mixture of troubles.
    It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.
    More than a man.
    More than a king.
    More like God!

    Dominion over nature, crosses the line into the relation to other men.
    Proper appetite and desire becomes lust and passion.
    The dominion that man is to have over nature, he also seeks to have over his brothers.
    So crossing the line of his own proper dominion, and crossing on Gods...

    Only God is to have dominion over all!

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    is the last person you're talking to if you qoute you can see their real name. This is a known bug and will hopefully be fixed when the revamp is done.

    Seems you already figured that out in the last few posts. but for the future a qoute should reveal them.
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    I am sorry, but unfortunately I have to withdraw my application for Brandenburg-Prussia.

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