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    Angry Trading provinces caused an immediate undeclared war

    I have already filed a report about this but thought I would post this so that nobody else makes the mistake that I did.

    I wanted ( Game ID 2305329 I'm New York) to transfer a far away province of mine to another player for a province of his which was otherwise surrounded by my land.

    He had offered the trade.

    When I went to accept it told me that it couldn't be done because I hadn't given him right of way, so I did that.

    When I tried again it told me it couldn't be done because he hadn't given me right of way. I guessed that this was because I had men in the city I was transferring, so I ordered those men to leave the province.

    I then tried for a final time to accept the trade and it did let me. However for unknown reasons the men I had asked to leave the province which I was exchanging decided to open fire straight away without being told to and despite the fact that they were walking away. Of course the other player had no garrison so my troops were able to take it back over without a fight.

    The other player still has men in the province that he gave to me but because I gave him right of way there is no war there. It now looks like I planned to take his province and keep mine by attacking him, when this was not my intention. I have to convince the other players that this was a bug and not warmongering.

    TL DR

    Do not ever trade provinces with another player unless you both have given right of way. It looks like the game prevents war from happening but it doesn't carry out enough checks and will still let you do a trade that causes a war.
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    Yeah you need right of way to trade provinces

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    Right of way is the safest way, you probably got the melee range that decided to still attack the city another safe way would have been to wait about half an hour before accepting the trade then you're sure you won't have the province in melee range.

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