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    cancelled production no resource back

    cancelled a battleship because it was taking longer than the production time for some reason and got no resource back dosent seem fair at all considering it was a lot of resource

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    Hi LordVaper,

    Sorry to hear about your resource issue when cancelling the production of the Battleship.

    Usually the production time lags when then game hasn't been refreshed recently, so a full refresh usually resolves this.

    It could be that when you tried to cancel the production the Battleship it was already finished. Also if memory serves me right, depending on how far into the production/building of a unit/building you are you only get a certain percentage of the resources back.

    How much longer did you have left for the build?

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    Is it possible that the production time has been extended by an hostile military spy? Maybe some counter spies in the province will be on order?

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    If the production was delay by a hostile spy you won't get any resources back (esp. if the production time was delayed more than than the normal production time).

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    And maybe more important how far were they in construction? As the amount you get back depends on how far it was into construction so you don't get a fell refund anyway.

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    it was spies, next time i know not to cancel production, lesson learned

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