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    Lightbulb [⚡HL] The Hell Legion | Newest Thread

    There are no worlds or people who do not believe in the existence of Hell.
    Hell itsself, however, denies the existence of the Legion.
    The Hell Legion, born from the passion of those who love to win, born from the determination of those who never flee the battlefield.
    The High Commanders of Hell ask those who wish to swear allegiance to never give up and to support the Legion and the Legionaries during every difficulty, turning our game into a second life, to make a virtual battle a moment of absolute happiness.
    Be born from nothing, grow without limits and we will win our challenges with a disarming ease in the eyes of our enemies.
    This alliance has been created by Iug who decided to start from scratch and make The Hell Legion which does not fear anyone on the international level. An alliance that can aspire to ambitious goals for months to come.
    The will and determination of the player will determine if you can become a part of this group. It will create a circle of people and personalities recognized on all servers and that will, as it's sole intent, dominate everyone and everything on all servers.
    We will win within the rules: no use of GM, bugs and/or illegal multi-accounts of any of our members
    We will be annihilating our opponents with our excellence in both speed and strength.

    As regards to the internal hierarchy, there will be 6 types of ranks (unless it is otherwise decided in the future):

    1) Leader: Iug

    2) Moderator: Il.Barone.Rosso.
    3) Moderator: Jedburgh
    4) Moderator: Mr. Fleming
    5) Moderator: Ruyzaki

    6) General: Arbanon
    7) General: Max_777

    8) Centurion: xremolo
    9) Centurion: and_ava
    10) Centurion: Zama Zetton
    11) Centurion: MrAlpha
    12) Centurion: SuperNet1
    13) Centurion: Konwell 76

    14) Legionnaire: Michael Mercadante
    15) Legionnaire: mister80
    16) Legionnaire: Umer
    17) Legionnaire: BeauChampion
    18) Legionnaire: Karlack V
    19) Legionnaire: Zcattarmole
    20) Legionnaire: Senior Delicious

    21) Recruit: Kinganarking
    22) Recruit: Fomafomic
    23) Recruit: 14968
    24) Recruit: ChineseXRuler
    25) Recruit: Heardred
    26) Recruit: Guerra dos Cravos
    27) Recruit: Unknown Master
    28) Recruit: PhilipFerdinand

    The organization chart will be updated each time there will be promotions or degradations.
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