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    Bomber Retargeting

    Now I know for a fact bomber retargeting works as I've used it. On occassion I've even used it several times in the span of 2 minutes as the enemy kept splitting in attempts to throw me off.

    The re targetting mechanic seems very very buggy though. At times I have been literally overwatching the battle and as soon as the opponent split off a diversion unit I would immediately retarget my bombers on his army, the diversion unit still very much right beside the main army and it works the first time. After that though he'll immediately split off another unit and I'll re target again but this time, they refuel.

    Are there any known bugs with the retargeting? Is this an exploit/tactic I'm simply not understanding? I've made doubly sure the army I'm targeting is the main one after the split. It's been happened about 5 different times. I used the retargeting successfully once and from then on it just stopped working so I'm wondering if my opponent is using some tactic I don't know about to force a refuel or if it's just a bug.

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    I don't know much about the retargeting mechanic, but I do know that because the bomber has an Area Of Effect damage when it attacks, splitting only works if units are able to move away from each other for at least a few minutes before being hit.

    So if his men are in battle and not moving when he splits this will not help him, it might even result in more kills for the bomber.
    Also if two units of the same type split and continue in the same direction they will be on top of each other and it doesn't matter which one is hit they will both take the same damage (AOE).
    If he splits and sends one of the units in the opposite direction then depending on the type of ground and unit speed after 5-10 mins (depends on a lot of factors) the blast radius will no longer be covering both units, the damage drops off with distance until this point.

    As far as retargeting goes I have never got it to work at all, my bombers always flew back. I imagine it is based on how far the new unit is from the old one and I expect it needs to be very close to allow the retargeting. However as many on this forum have said, air units are the buggiest units in the game and a lot of their behavior seems to be random. There might be a random element allowing a retarget only 80% of the time or something which means that eventually they refuel. Or it could be like you say that only one retarget is allowed.

    The only way to find out for sure is for the devs to tell us and until they do we can only learn from observations and testing.

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    I know of the splash damage. Unfortunately for me my opponent is extremely skilled. (rank 400 ish) He also seems to have a good deal more online time than I do. I agree of course with rewarding active players by allowing such tactics as shoot and scoot. All of this however means the only conceivable way for me to win is through the use of my bombers. I and my allies have attempted to out manuveur him but I have found it impossible to catch his main army with mine and if I fully commit to an attempt he can move much faster than I can both since we're on his land and since he will react faster as he will see it sooner.

    My problem is, those few hours I can get to oversee a bombing run to completion are going to waste since the re-targeting is buggy or I'm misunderstanding it. I know I can retarget more than once since I've done it 2 or 3 times before they went back. I'd love if a developer or anyone who knows more could clarify what I'm doing wrong. It's nice to get out-skilled for once.

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    there are known issues with the retargetting to my knowledge officially you have 4 min to retarget but the server sometimes doesn't update the commands in time so by the time you see the split and give the order the server already passed 4 min (this is believe to be the issue not confirmed) So it does indeed happen that you have a lot less time to react then the 4min.

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