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    Feel cheated! :(

    I have Just won the jackpot on the wheel in support our troops, yay!
    Jacpot is set at 400 blue prints 25,000 Gold and 45days 7hrs of high command.
    I got the 400 blue prints and NOTHING ELSE boooo! :'(

    Can a mod take a look at this please?
    I've refreshed the page 3 times and still nothing :/

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    You only get the things shown in the middle of the wheel, not all three.
    So you have won 400 blueprints and that is correct.

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    you know i had a feeling someone woul say that as i was typing that out lol
    BUMMER! lol
    can i swap for the cash? i've had my eye on a new car for a while and i dont think they accept blue prints lol

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    That's life
    You won't get a car but some nice heavy tanks for the blueprints

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    Since JuliusMV have already taken the liberty to answer your question in comment #2, I will be closing this thread.

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