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    [RoPUN] The Modern Crucible

    [NRPA] The Modern Crucible
    A Supremacy1914 Roleplay
    Created by PhantomNiqht and Michael_Westerdahl
    Edited by Charles Edwards
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    The 19th Century has begun to draw to a close, with Europe poised to form a web of new alliances unlike any seen before, fueled by the bitter outcome of the Franco-Prussian war that birthed the German Empire merely 9 years earlier. Meanwhile across the Atlantic, the United States stands facing secessionist sentiments in the South amid Reconstruction following the Civil War that lasted between 1861 and 1865. With Ottoman control over the Balkans waning, Nationalist movements on the rise, and Imperialism reaching its climactic crescendo, the stage is being set for a new chapter of history to reforge mankind in a way it has never before experienced...

    Game Admins: PhantomNiqht, Michael_Westerdahl (Wdahl)
    24 hours OOC = 3 months IC

    There will be a landswap in the beginning of the game to achieve modern borders. It is critical you are in the Discord server if you sign up so that you can receive live information from the Admins.

    Discord Server Link:

    USA - PhantomNiqht
    UK - OPEN
    France - Opulon
    Germany - Ahnuebii
    Russia - Nicolas Macron
    Ottomans - Fire5602
    Austria-Hungary - JosephFrost
    Spain - OPEN
    Italy - OPEN
    Netherlands - 7Hielke
    Sweden-Norway - Wdahl
    Denmark - Shepherd
    British Canada - OPEN
    Serbia - Desert Fox Commander
    Romania - OPEN
    Bulgaria - zews2004
    Greece - Charles_Edwards
    Russian Finland - Finland
    Russian Poland - OPEN
    Russian Ukraine - OPEN
    Morocco - OPEN
    French Algeria - OPEN
    Turkish Libya - OPEN
    Turkish Egypt - OPEN

    Rule (*)

    1. Respect Admin Decisions(**)
    2. No “Landgrabbing”
    3. Adhere to Tech Limitations
    4. Be Courteous to your fellow Roleplayers
    5. All Bytro Labs ToS and Rules will be upheld, in-game, and over any Third Party Software. This is Non-Negotiable.
    6. All Wars will have a Peace period of at least 5 years following their end
    7. All participants must be part of the affiliated Discord Server by Day 5 ingame
    8. Goldmark usage is not allowed.

    (*) Failure to adhere to the rules will affect any future consideration for roleplays hosted by NRPA.

    (**) Rules will be Enforced as Intended. Loopholes in wording will be met with the same response as an intentional breach.

    Special Limitations

    1. Russia and its subjects can only train Infantry and Cavalry Units (this is due to the fact that Russia does not possess the same industrial capabilities as Western Europe does at this phase in history). Russia can purchase manufactured Arms from other nations however


    The United States
    Primary Power
    Federal Republic
    Population: ~50,189,209
    Provinces: 33

    Political Parties
    Democratic Party
    Republican Party

    President: Rutherford B. Hayes (until 1884)
    Vice President: William A. Wheeler

    Great Britain
    Primary Power
    Constitutional Monarchy
    Population: ~34,934,500
    Provinces: 13
    Subjects: Canada

    Political Parties
    Liberal Party
    Conservative Party

    Monarch: Alexandrina Victoria
    Prime Minister: William Ewart Gladstone

    Minor Power
    Constitutional Republic
    Population: ~4,255,000
    Provinces: 21
    Overlord: Great Britain

    Political Parties
    Liberal Party
    Liberal-Conservative Party

    Monarch: Alexandrina Victoria
    Prime Minister: John A. Macdonald

    Primary Power
    Constitutional Republic
    Population: ~39,239,000
    Provinces: 17
    Subjects: French Algeria

    Political Parties
    Republican Left
    Republican Union
    Democratic Union

    President: Jules Grévy
    Prime Minister: Charles de Freycinet

    French Algeria
    Minor Power
    Colonial Monarchy
    Population: ~3,310,400
    Provinces: 20
    Overlord: France

    Governor General: Antoine-Eugène-Alfred Chanzy

    Secondary Power
    Constitutional Monarchy
    Population: ~24,710,115
    Provinces: 12

    Political Parties
    Liberal Party
    Conservative Party

    Monarch: Alfonso XII of Spain
    Prime Minister: Antonio Cánovas del Castillo

    Minor Power
    Population: ~2,500,000
    Provinces: 8

    Monarch: Mohammed IV
    Heir: Abdelaziz

    Primary Power
    Constitutional Empire
    Population: ~45,234,061
    Provinces: 10

    Monarch: Wilhelm I
    Chancellor: Otto von Bismarck

    The Netherlands
    Minor Power
    Constitutional Monarchy
    Population: ~4,016,000
    Provinces: 4

    Monarch: William III
    Prime Minister: Theo van Lynden van Sandenburg

    Secondary Power
    Constitutional Empire
    Population: ~30,864,300
    Provinces: 14

    Political Parties
    Constitutional Party
    Federalist Party

    Monarch: Franz Joseph I
    Prime Minister: Eduard Taaffe

    Secondary Power
    Constitutional Monarchy
    Population: ~28,437,100
    Provinces: 10

    Political Parties
    Historical Left
    Historical Right

    Monarch: Umberto I
    Prime Minister: Benedetto Cairoli

    Minor Power
    Constitutional Monarchy
    Population: ~1,682,500
    Provinces: 4

    Political Parties
    Liberal Party
    Serbian Progressive Party
    Conservative Party

    Monarch: Milan I
    Prime Minister: Milan Piroćanac

    Minor Power
    Constitutional Principality
    Population: ~2,007,900
    Provinces: 6

    Political Parties
    Liberal Party
    Conservative Party

    Monarch: Alexander Joseph
    Prime Minister: Dragan Tsankov

    Minor Power
    Constitutional Monarchy
    Population: ~4,540,000
    Provinces: 8

    Political Parties
    National Liberal Party
    Conservative Party

    Monarch: Carol I
    Prime Minister: Ion Brătianu

    Minor Power
    Constitutional Monarchy
    Population: 1,979,100
    Provinces: 7

    Political Parties
    Liberal Party
    Nationalist Party
    Modernist Party

    Monarch: George I
    Prime Minister: Alexandros Koumoundouros

    Secondary Power
    Constitutional Monarchy
    Population: 6,484,800
    Provinces: 20

    Political Parties
    Lantmanna Party
    Protectionist Majority Party

    Monarch: Oscar II
    Prime Minister: Arvid Posse

    Secondary Power
    Constitutional Monarchy
    Population: 2,041,400
    Provinces: 15

    Political Parties
    National Landowners Højre
    Venstre Reform

    Monarch: Christian IX
    Prime Minister: J.B.S. Estrup

    Primary Power
    Population: ~50,000,000
    Provinces: 49
    Subjects: Finland, Poland, Ukraine

    Monarch: Alexander II
    Heir: Alexander III

    Minor Power
    Directly Governed Vassal
    Population: ~2,060,800
    Provinces: 9
    Overlord: Russia

    Grand Duke: Alexander II

    Minor Power
    Directly Governed Vassal
    Population: ~20,000,000
    Provinces: 11
    Overlord: Russia

    Monarch: Alexander II
    Heir: Alexander III

    Minor Power
    Directly Governed Vassal
    Population: ~17,718,800
    Provinces: 11
    Overlord: Russia

    Monarch: Alexander II
    Heir: Alexander III

    The Ottomans
    Primary Power
    Population: ~17,388,604
    Provinces: 24
    Subjects: Turkish Egypt, Turkish Libya

    Monarch: Abdul Hamid II

    Turkish Egypt
    Minor Power
    Autonomous Vassal
    Population: ~10,000,000
    Provinces: 11
    Overlord: The Ottomans

    Leader: Ahmed ‘Urabi

    Turkish Libya
    Minor Power
    Autonomous Vassal
    Population: ~400,000
    Provinces: 22
    Overlord: The Ottomans

    Monarch: Abdul Hamid II

    If you are interested in applying, please copy and fill out the following application as a Thread Reply.

    Ingame username:
    Desired Country:
    Backup Country: (OPTIONAL)

    Provide an in character sample pertaining to the scenario to demonstrate your current roleplay. This will play a major role in deciding which players will receive Primary and Secondary Powers.

    Do you agree to follow the rules as intended, current and future?:

    Thank you for your interest in this Roleplay for those whom are applying.


    Prime Minister of NRPA
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    Ingame username : Opulon
    Desired Country : France.
    Backup Country : Russia

    Small Sample :

    Jean Daumont was walking with his friend between the trees of the avenue, trying to not care for the numerous groups of people gathered around latest newspapers edition. Despite all his efforts, he couldn't help but overhearing very ardent speakers, often above their crowd, standing on a chair :

    "But what you call anarchy, it's simply the intellectual life of the nation ! There are no more dogms in morality than in religion. The moral laws, it's only a set of social values, and this set is, by nature, temporary, because he must keep its pratical value, and evolve in the same time than the society. And this evolution is possible only if there is in society this heat, that you call anarchy, this heat that make progress possible !"

    His friend, De Palissière, said calmly : "This one has read Marx. The affair allows all minorities of our political specters to explode in public."

    Daumont was encouraged to not answer or think too much on it, and to just continue walking.

    "It's your first time in Paris ? You'll soon be used to those ranters. They are irrelevant, and will not hinder your work."

    As the municipal clocks rang 5 pm, several boys rushed into the streets, and shouted their own church : "Buy the Striker, the newspaper of every hard worker". "Buy the French Action, #1 read amongst our soldiers and guardians of our nation !"

    Daumont nearly fell on the collision with this horde of newspaper-boys, only to be handled firmly by his friend, that drawn him near a door, that he indicated as his appartment.

    "I live on the first floor, and it's also my study. By all means, treat it as your home. I must attend to a meeting with some friends of mine, concerning the Affair. If i have a bit of advice, don't engage in political discussion. This isn't your small village, with friendly minds able to hear every single one of your fantasies. Here, your opinion isn't worth several days in jail. I do recommand the cafés, though. If you seek for calm lecture, feel free to visit them. If, by ill-luck or devil plans, you find yourself involved in an discussion about the Affair, please don't forget : "Glory to the Republic and Woes to the German" . Farewell my friend."

    Daumont looked through the window to see De Palissière take a cab. From the appartment, he could still see the green gardens where so many crowds were gathering, shouting contradictory ideologies and manifestos. He couldn't help but think that if those crows were hearing each other, it would probably turn into an bloody riot.


    I agree to the rules, signed
    Last edited by Opulon; 08-01-2018 at 08:45 PM.

    Je pouvais me considérer comme un bon combattant, à une autre époque. Aujourd'hui, mes façons de faire la guerre ne sont plus les façons de faire la guerre.

    Cependant, même si le monde évolue et que l'arquebuse domine les champs de bataille... Peut être que vous ne devriez pas considérer comme insignifiant un chevalier en armure lourde qui vous fonce dessus lance baissée en ignorant les balles

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    Ingame Username:
    Desired Country: French Algeria
    Backup Country: United States

    Providing-character sample pertaining to the scenario to demonstrate your current roleplay. This will play a major role in deciding which players will receive Primary and Secondary Powers.

    Do you agree to follow the rules as intended, current and future?: I am required...Yes.

    Sample RP:

    The Plains Campaign was a campaign of the Indian-American War of 1876 fought by the armies of The United States and Settlers against the Indian Tribes. It was a major initial victory for the Indian Tribes; annihilated two of General Jefferson's regiments after Brigadier General Custer foolishly led them to raze Native villages. These losses had President Richard Klux fearing a major defeat for the United States and its desire to expand westward

    General Jefferson and General Clark agreed to a combined Offensive during the High Command Discussions in Philadelphia. The combined offensive would see two thrusts; Jefferson's 6th Army Spearheading the Campaign in the Dakota Territories supported by Clark's 7th Calvary, the 9th & 17th Artillery and the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment. General Clark would take a Light Infantry Brigade, supported by the 11th Calvary Regiment, 44th New York Infantry, 12th Indiana, and 3rd Artillery Regiment. General Clark would push through the Wyoming Territories and outflank Tribal Confederations General Jefferson was facing. Indian Confederation Launched a surprise attack against General Clark's Light Infantry Army Group. Without any substantial Infantry, General Clark was forced to retreat, impairing General Jefferson who required Clark and his Calvary to attack from the flanks while Clark's Infantry encircled the Indians.

    General Jean Leaane of the New Orleans Louisana Mobile Division moved north after hearing news of Clark's defeat. General Lannes brought a Mobile Force of Dragoons, Calvary, and Carriage Infantry.

    The arrival of General Lannes was a major defeat for the Indian Confederation Army, forced to retreat from the North. General Jefferson ordered his 7th Calvary to redeploy from Wallipo to aide General Clark. While the Natives under the command of Seminoal launched simotanteous attacks on Jefferson, Clark, and Lannes. The thinned forces of the Natives and the firepower Lannes and Clark were providing with reinforcements caused Seminola to retreat.

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    Ingame username: PhantomNiqht
    Desired Country: United States of America
    Backup Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

    Provide an in character sample pertaining to the scenario to demonstrate your current roleplay. This will play a major role in deciding which players will receive Primary and Secondary Powers.

    Bill Jeremiah walked through the dark streets of Birmingham, Alabama to his office, carrying nothing but a briefcase carrying important documents. This particular dawn was an important one, as transmissions from Washington had declared the period of Reconstruction to be over, and as a Federal Agent, Bill was tasked with tying up loose ends to ensure that all of the paperwork was in order.

    Bill had long experienced the strong attitudes of the local populace, furious with their defeat in the Civil War merely a decade earlier. He knew he was unwelcomed by the people of the Confederacy, yet he had a job to do, as did all of his fellow Agents in the Southern States. His inner musings were interrupted by his arrival at the office which he was vacating.

    Upon his Arrival, he entered the building, and navigated to his office, where he took a seat, and unfolded the Newspaper he took with him to work.

    President Andrew Johnson Declares Reconstruction at an End

    Early this morning, the President confirmed that Reconstruction efforts in the South were to be permanently halted. The President declined a personal interview on the matter. With the South no longer consuming a considerable amount of the budget, perhaps we can look to new investments in business, and the expansion of American Commerce...

    Bill's attention was broken by the sound of knocking on his office door, in which one of the men he had befriended on this assignment stood. John was a middle-aged man who had no time for a wife, and as he stood there, he said, "So Bill, what do you think of this situation?"

    Bill replied with "I rather disliked this assignment thanks to the fact that the people disliked me. I look forward to seeing my family."

    Their conversation was over within 5 minutes, and all the while, Bill had packed his personal effects, and as he left the building for what was to be the last time, he gave a slight smile, knowing that he would no longer be here as an official.

    Do you agree to follow the rules as intended, current and future?: I agree to follow the rules in their current state, and as they change in the future.

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    Ingame username: wdahl
    Desired Country: Sweden
    Backup Country: German Empire

    Provide an in character sample pertaining to the scenario to demonstrate your current roleplay. This will play a major role in deciding which players will receive Primary and Secondary Powers.

    Sweden's place

    Sweden, a country once glorious and strong, once made Russia Afraid, now slowly dwindling, its possible last gains or war being Norway, its economy being stable and the industrial development of Sweden growing more and more… i see potential for something, something big, something that can become what it once was. Sweden might have been beat and hurt badly by the Danes, Polish, and Russians. but the Danes are weak, the Polish are Russian and the Russians are underdeveloped and nothing to fear anymore. Sweden shall not be forgotten in the history books. We can still make something great out of this staggering power, we can still take back the position of the Empire of the north, we shall re-conquer Finland! we shall conquer Denmark and Karelia! the Baltic shall be our domain and no one else's! Sweden will be a naval and colonial power as it once have tried to be… losing against the Dutch who idiotically lost it to the British. we won’t stand for any more humiliation and only stand for victory and glory! today i ask you, people of Sweden, stand with me to take back the full monarchy and end this democracy. to fulfill the Swedish dream, we need to restore the monarchy. long live Svea Rike! long live the Swedish-Norwegian union long live the north!”-Kung Oscar II Bernadotte of Sweden

    “I will not tolerate such a man to rule Sweden-Norway alone. Sweden is in a good shape for being in the position its in. we should be happy with the country we have and not moan and groan about whats wrong, it will fix itself out with the help of the people's voice and our politicians doing. we can fix Sweden without expansion, without violence, Neutrality should be a thing to look at in the future instead of war and expansion. Sweden has had its time as a world power, it did not end well. let's be glad we are not like Poland, another Polish puppet, or the Danish, a weak version of itself. Sweden, still strong with a good economy and trade partners, would Sweden profit of of expanding? risking its trade for new lands. we RELY on Trade, this is the dumbest thing i've heard! the king might be of royal blood, but he can not be of sound mind.”-Arvid Posse, prime minister of Sweden

    Do you agree to follow the rules as intended, current and future?: of course i do!

    michael westerdahl

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    Ingame username:zews2004

    Desired country:Bulgaria
    Backup country:Italy

    Do you agree to follow the rules as intended, current and future?:Yes


    After nearly 500 years of Ottoman opression millions of people are now freed.After 500 years of Ottoman opression they can now finally practice their religion and not be forced to adapt some other one.After 500 years they can finally speak and write in their language freely without being forced to speak and write in some other language.

    Those people are the Bulgarians and now after nearly 500 years of Ottoman opression they finally have a state.But that state is found in an interesting situation.The young state comes out of Oriental backwardness and is starting to embrace the european way of life and european industrialization but the pace is slow.

    Bulgaria - a nation that is still mostly agricultural is yet to become a force where even in the West will be known and is yet to become an industrialized nation with educated people,tons of universities and good military.

    Shortly after the war Alexander Battenberg beame the one to lead the nation but will he be able to succeed in all of this?Will he be able to unite the people and to pave the way for Bulgaria to become a society that hold european ideals dearly?Will he be the one to lead it to greatness?

    With many new ideologies poping up, the rise of nationalism and self-determination,with new technologies both made for peace and the advancement of humanity and for war and the expansions of various countries will Bulgaria survive this and become fully united?

    Only God will tell the sodliers,the wives,the politicians,the farmers and craftsemn what their future will be.But until then we shall only strive to improve!
    Съ Нами Богъ!

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    Ingame username: Desert Fox Commander
    Desired Country: Serbia
    Backup Country: None

    Beograd Štampa - January, 1880


    Saturday, January 1st, 1880
    (Page 1)

    The Kingdom of Serbia is a nation forged in the fires of revolution and rebellion against a Muslim "Sultan" seen as a heretic, foreign, and tyrannical.

    After the First and Second "Serbian Uprisings" of 1804-1813 and 1815, the Ottoman Government took an entirely unreasonable line, one of suppression and ethnic cleansing: the Serbian people were forced to convert to the Heretical Faith of Islam or die by the Scimitar. After all, these Serbian Orthodox-Christians were infidels to the Ottoman Empire, and proven to be the most rebellious and troublesome of Ottoman subjects. Such lessons had to be learned, and they were enforced by the Iron Will of Istanbul, as the Heads of the "Original Revolutionaries" of 1804-1813, were beheaded and put upon the "Tower of Skulls", a Symbol of Ottoman Tyranny and Authority within Serbia. Such an insult it was to Christians and the Serbian People, but it was not to go without consequences... The Serbian people had other views...

    In 1815, The Ottomans responded with political stupidity and military ineptitude, leading to the Third and Final "Serbian War of Independence."

    Aided, once they had rebelled, by the Russian Romanovs (Who, for reasons of their own, had every wish to see the Ottomans preoccupied with war and then humiliated by Slavic rebels), the Serbians faced down the Ottoman Turks. The struggle split counties, cities, towns, even families, but it united the nation.

    In its wake, the revolution left a new kind of nation, a Liberal Nation, where men choose their own destinies, and are not subject to the whims of heretics overseas or tyrannical monarchs. This spirit of independence is a source of strength: it is an idea worth dying for! Generations past, had the Serbian People been under chains by the Muslims since Kosovo, but finally, were those Martyrs whom shed their blood upon those fields finally avenged. It was now, that in 1817, only two years since the Revolution, would the "Principality of Serbia" be recognized by Istanbul, whom was shunned after its defeat to their own slaves. Territorial Gains would be all of proper Serbia united. But the road to Official Recognition by various powers had only begun...

    (Page 2)

    Serbia now has a future of boundless possibilities. It is a part of the old continent, which is slowly experimenting with new ideas, of which fuels revolutions. The Adriatic swell washes against the western coast, and beckons Serbian seamen onwards: trade and adventure lie that way too.

    However, the new nation is not without its troubles. In its struggle for independence, two families have emerged to the center of Serbian Independence - the Karadordevics and the Obrenovics. As it stands, the current reigning monarch of the Serbian Kingdom is His Majesty, Milan I Obrenovic, however, should the King prove to be ineffective, and perhaps, if the opportunity arises, then the Karadordevics may come out of hiding to seize what they see as rightfully theirs - the Throne of Serbia.

    Not to mention that the young Kingdom is also an eye of interest to the more "greater" powers of the continent that look towards the Balkans as a playground for their power games, with each young nation being simply a pawn in their game of political chess. It will take great leadership for the independent Serbian people to not be under the boot of tyranny again should the Ottomans return, or to be pulled into the spheres of opportunistic foreigners.

    Do you agree to follow the rules as intended, current and future?: Yes

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    Accepted Opulon as France
    Accepted Michael_Westerdahl (Wdahl) as Sweden-Norway
    Accepted zews2004 as Bulgaria
    Accepted NicolasMacron as French Algeria

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    Desert Fox Commander, you chose a Minor nation and no backup, however your sample meets the quality requirements to play as a Secondary nation. Are you sure you would like to lock in Serbia?

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    Ingame username: Charles_Edwards

    Desired Country: Kingdom of Greece (Greece).
    Backup Country: Russian Empire (Russia).

    Do you agree to follow the rules as intended, current and future? I most definitely agree.

    Sample Bellow:

    [Legend: Greek Parliament, circa 1880].

    "The Kindgom of Greece's early years were very turbulent in more ways than one: King Otto's Reign was very unpopular, as the strict Germany hierarchy meant that the isolated greeks would never have any real access to government positions; the King's Catholic faith was also a major cause of displeasure, as well as Otto's constant interference with government issues, in the matter of a despot, and only in september of 1843 would the Hellenes get their first taste of democracy, by turning Greece into a Constitutional Monarchy and limiting the powers of the King, effectively giving power to the politicians.

    In 1864, Greece took yet another step into a more refine democracy, during the reign of King George I, abolishing the two chamber Parliament and granting universal suffrage to every Greek citizen. This new period of changes was accompanied by a growing sense of religious revival which began during the 1840's where travelling preachers would spread the good word through Greece, and by 1880, this movement known as Anaplasis (Regeneration), which was at times subject to government repression proved too strong and sought to oppose the secular ideas coming from the West.

    Alongside this newly found religious revival was the ever growing greek nationalism, which had dominated greek politics since it's very foundings, and where more pronounce during the 1860's and 1870's, where the Megali Idea become more and more common as an overall goal.

    However, not all is good news, despite it's recovery of some of it's lost lands, Greece remains a mostly impoverished real, with little wealth and resources, and very little infrastructure with only a handful of railways and few telegraph lines; many even estimate a future bankrupcy!

    Despite these setbacks, greek intelligentsia and many politicians alike, see the dawn of the century not as a fatality, but as an opportunity to catapult Greece into a new age of enlightment and progress, akin to the rest of Europe, and will work towards making sure that Greece will take it's place of grandeur, as it did in the past".

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