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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles_Edwards View Post
    Ingame username: Charles_Edwards

    Desired Country: Kingdom of Greece (Greece).
    Backup Country: Russian Empire (Russia).

    Do you agree to follow the rules as intended, current and future? I most definitely agree.

    Sample Bellow:

    [Legend: Greek Parliament, circa 1880].

    "The Kindgom of Greece's early years were very turbulent in more ways than one: King Otto's Reign was very unpopular, as the strict Germany hierarchy meant that the isolated greeks would never have any real access to government positions; the King's Catholic faith was also a major cause of displeasure, as well as Otto's constant interference with government issues, in the matter of a despot, and only in september of 1843 would the Hellenes get their first taste of democracy, by turning Greece into a Constitutional Monarchy and limiting the powers of the King, effectively giving power to the politicians.

    In 1864, Greece took yet another step into a more refine democracy, during the reign of King George I, abolishing the two chamber Parliament and granting universal suffrage to every Greek citizen. This new period of changes was accompanied by a growing sense of religious revival which began during the 1840's where travelling preachers would spread the good word through Greece, and by 1880, this movement known as Anaplasis (Regeneration), which was at times subject to government repression proved too strong and sought to oppose the secular ideas coming from the West.

    Alongside this newly found religious revival was the ever growing greek nationalism, which had dominated greek politics since it's very foundings, and where more pronounce during the 1860's and 1870's, where the Megali Idea become more and more common as an overall goal.

    However, not all is good news, despite it's recovery of some of it's lost lands, Greece remains a mostly impoverished real, with little wealth and resources, and very little infrastructure with only a handful of railways and few telegraph lines; many even estimate a future bankrupcy!

    Despite these setbacks, greek intelligentsia and many politicians alike, see the dawn of the century not as a fatality, but as an opportunity to catapult Greece into a new age of enlightment and progress, akin to the rest of Europe, and will work towards making sure that Greece will take it's place of grandeur, as it did in the past".
    Accepted as Greece.

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    Ingame username : 7Hielke
    Desired Country : Netherlands
    Backup Country : Denmark

    The year is 1880, only 32 years ago a democracy has been installed. The bourgoise can vote. The parliament is split between religious parties who want all education to be split and paid for by the government and liberal parties who only want non-religious education to be paid for by the government. There is also a growing socialist movement who does agree with the liberal movement on the education point. In 1874 the children law of van Houten was signed which forbade children under 12 to work.

    Unemployment is rising under farm workers because of the imports of grain from Canada and the US. The workers are send to the poor northern provinces to be reeducated. Many other workers emigrate to the US and Canada in a quest for better life.

    Also a train network is starting up. With the first railway between the capital Amsterdam and a provincial capital Haarlem. This line was in 1847 expanded to Rotterdam through the center of government Den Haag and Leiden by the HSM (Hollandsche Spoorweg Maatschappij, Dutch railway company). In 1843 a railway line was opened from Amsterdam to Utrecht by the NRS (Nederlandsche Rhijnspoorweg-Maatschappij, Dutch Rinerailway-company). This line was in 1845 expanded to Arnhem. In 1855 a new line was created from Utrecht to Rotterdam.
    In 1853 the first international railway line was developed between Aken (in Germany) and Maastricht. In 1854 the second international line opened between Antwerpen (In Belgium) and Roosendaal.
    After 1855 the development of the railway network exploded and within a few years the networks where connected with each other. In 1860 the government started building it’s own railways exploited by private companies.

    The railway network in 1880, every color is a different companie.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PhantomNiqht View Post
    Desert Fox Commander, you chose a Minor nation and no backup, however your sample meets the quality requirements to play as a Secondary nation. Are you sure you would like to lock in Serbia?
    Yes, I am confident to lock in as Serbia for my application.
    “In war there is no substitute for victory.”

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    Very well. Desert Fox Commander, I hereby grant you Serbia

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    Accepted 7Hielke as The Netherlands

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	unknown.png 
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    Accepted as Ottomans, however I would like to see this as a forum post.
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    Ingame username: EricGares
    Desired Country: Finland
    Backup Country: Surprise me, I can adapt.

    Provide an in character sample pertaining to the scenario to demonstrate your current roleplay. This will play a major role in deciding which players will receive Primary and Secondary Powers.

    Count Nikolay Adlerberg, Governor-General of the Duchy of Finland was walking through the halls of the Senate Building speaking with the Vice Chairman of the Economic Division, Johan Mauritz Nordenstam.

    “I assure you Johan,” Stopping in the middle of the all, Nikolay turned to look directly at Johan, “if the finances cannot be found to continue with the railway system as they were planned it will not be me who answers to the Emperor on the matter.”

    “The committee will be able to fund it.” Pausing for a moment, knowing what would be said next would become even more controversial, “The tariff placed upon our industry is beginning to take its toll more and more. By directing more and more of our resources to foreign exports, it is beginning to hamper the abilities to adequately fund all projects.”

    “Not my problem Johan, just find a way.” Turning to continue on he left the Finnish statesman standing there. Speaking over his shoulder as he walked away, “With nearly thirty-eight thousand workers available in the industry you shouldn’t have a problem.”
    Standing there shaking his head, Johan responded back, “I’ll remind you those 38,000 workers produce more funding than other industries in the Emperor’s pocket.”

    Stopping again in the middle of the hall, Nikolay turned completely around to look at Johan, “Then you shouldn’t have a problem finding the funding or the workers. And be careful how you speak of the Emperor, Johan. I’m sure you enjoy your present position at the head of the table, I’d hate to see you lose that.” Clapping his hands, “Enough of this though, the theater is playing tonight. I’ll see you in attendance.”

    With that, Nikolay turned around and continued on his way leaving Johan to stand there and to contemplate the value of the conversation.

    Do you agree to follow the rules as intended, current and future? Yes, why wouldn’t I?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Accepted JosephFrest234 as Austria-Hungary

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Accepted Shepherd as Denmark

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	unknown.png 
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    Accepted Ahnuebii as Germany

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