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    Lightbulb Artillery only

    Some of you may know the meme. Some do not for those who do not know watch the first minute or so of this video (

    In the game only artillery will be allowed. No recruiting offices, ships, tanks, airplanes, balloons or anything. Artillery only

    The only other troops as artillery you will be getting is the standard 100 starting inf.

    If somebody would violate the rules i suppose we collectively attack that person but i trust anyone to play fair.

    Everyone who wants to participate please say that in this thread.

    (note: this is NOT a roleplay round)

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    Please do not spam the forum
    Rulebreak 2.f
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    Members of the HC will always get recruiting offices ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuliusMV View Post
    Members of the HC will always get recruiting offices ...

    Turn them off.

    Also Hielke im in bro
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    Nice Turk

    And yeah just turn those recruitement offices off.

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    I guess put me down as well.
    Those who live by the sword, Die when someone gets the bright idea to build a gun - Matthew.T.Long

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