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Thread: Ghost country

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    Ghost country

    hello currently on game # 2436285 I am at war with Estados Del Pacifico.....I killed this country a week ago but still claims I am at war with it and it still has 4 provinces...I am playing New Mexico....what can I do about this ghost country? thanks for any help

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    Hello there,

    Thank you for reporting! I have thoroughly investigated your game (Game ID 2436285).

    It appears that Estados Del Pacifico is still active and still have some provinces remaining (4 to be exact).

    The reason that you might not have seen Estados Del Pacifico's provinces is that their territories are beside a country (Panama) of the same colour.

    I hope this information has been proven useful!

    Take care and happy hunting!

    Grimemie Wurmeuton
    Bytro | Game Operator | EN server
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