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    Hello Richard, unfortunately, I have no ETA for the guest login bugfix yet. But it is unrelated with the revamp: The guest login will stay a feature of the game (while the province view will not). Right now, only the guest login is broken - regularly joining games should be possible for you. If it isn't please submit a bug report.

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    Hi guys, still having the same bug plague me and others that like to check out a game prior to joining. I originally posted this issue days ago and today the same issue persists . Request spend some time and money to fix this issue. Thank you.

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    The guest login is still on our list of bugs to fix (and will hopefully be fixed soon). It is unrelated to the removal of the province view (which will happen a few weeks before the live release of the revamp) and it should also not affect proper logins to game rounds. So if you find yourself unable to join a game, please submit a bug report.

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