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Thread: 'Cold War' Game

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    'Cold War' Game

    Game 2480433 is being run as a 'Cold War' game and is seeking players.



    The aim here is for a different kind of game to the norm.

    Players are not allowed to declare war on any nation UNLESS that nation has previously attacked them.

    Where AI controlled nations are concerned, the Elite AI is much more aggressive than normal and WILL initiate attacks - especially if it perceives you as being weak.

    Where other players are concerned, sabotage operations against you by countries revealed in the DE count as attacks, and are a valid reason to declare war on the country responsible.


    As the name of the game, COLD WAR, implies, I'm hoping that this will become a 'Game of Spies', interesting because it is so different from the normal run of Supremacy Games. Also, the winner(s) have a good chance of walking away with a Pacifist ribbon

    Game Game ID 2480433 is an anonymous GM (or High Command) game for Warrant Officers and above, with max peace periods and Elite AI. It is on the 10-Player Standard Europe Map, so spaces are limited.
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    The game is ranked now, with four human players.

    Still room for a few more though...

    Recent quote from one of the players:

    I like this system of playing
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    Since Bytro stopped allowing logins through the Bigpoint page and started directing every thing through the new Bytro page, Max Gustavus has been unable to login. (I keep getting a "Invalid username or password" message.

    Bytro/Bigpoint have been unable to sort this out, so I've had to create another account (Max Gustav) so that I can get a ticket to the S14 Game Team. Hopefully they won't take too long to sort out the problem.

    In the meantime, I'd just like to let all the players (up to 9 now ) know that I haven't disappeared and will be returning as soon as I can.

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    [Maybe someone in the game could post an article in the DE so that everyone knows ?]

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