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    Market is broken ( remove the 30 price cap)

    Why players are not allowed to set a price for a good to over 30?

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    I did some minor investigation in the forums, and I found an answer to your question.

    It appears human players can only trade up to 30 units, while AIs can go up to 50 units when trading.

    In other words, AIs are allowed to go over the cap trade unit of 30 units, while human players cannot.

    Click here to view the source of information.

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    Yeap thanks but why do we have a price cap . From Ballance perspective is wrong.
    Devs, Could we remove the cap please?
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    This cap avoids missuse of the market. It's fine and should stay. Maybe we can discuss that AI nations also get the same cap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuliusMV View Post
    This cap avoids missuse of the market. It's fine and should stay. Maybe we can discuss that AI nations also get the same cap.
    I agree that AI should get the same cap. AI are still on the java system where users weren't capped either. if yu don't cap it the market could to easily be used to store resources that a nation has shortage in to avoid losing oil to your citizens. (happens more often then you think)

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    Lion, doesn't he loses morale though for not having oil to spend throughout the day or the only thing he has to do is to take back his oil storage from the market just before the day ends?
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    You always need to have enough for the next 24 hours.

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    Julius, then there is no abuse if you get to chose between the morale penalty or spending some of your resources. If there is no way to get away with it, by taking your resources back before the day ends, it's a fair trade.

    But I don't think that this is the case I believe that you can get away with it, Else there is no abuse and no need to have the 30 price cap. I will test it myself to see how it works.
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    This will only affect the morale tendency If you've enough other improvements it doesn't matter that the tendency is negative.
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