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In this event you will not know friends nor family: In a 100p map with the ‘anonymous round’ feature enabled and no coalitions you will be pitted against 99 other players in a struggle for survival.

The event maps will have the starts-when-full option and random country selection enabled and will run at normal speed. Players are flagged as inactive after 2 days. There is also an AI & human player peace period of 1 real-life day. We enabled the Elite AI but will not charge any entry fee for this exclusive event. Please note that this event will also have a fixed runtime of 6 weeks: If no winner is determined before time is up, the player with the highest total of victory points wins and receives a generous gold prize.

If you want to participate in this event simply go to the game list: Within the sign-up period (2018/10/12, 11AM CEST until 2018/10/15, 11AM CEST) new event rounds will be created on demand and shown on top of the list of new games.

Your Supremacy 1914 team