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    Event: Speed Round - 100p

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    Dear generals,

    the time has come for another speed round event! Cancel all your plans and prepare for some short nights and long fights starting on Friday!

    The rules:
    - 4x speed
    - starts when full
    - random country selection
    - players flagged as inactive after 2 real life days
    - 1 real life day of AI & human player peace period

    If you want to participate in this event simply go to the games list: During the sign-up period (2018/10/26, 11AM CEST until 2018/10/29, 11AM CEST) new event rounds will be created on demand and shown on top of the list of new games

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    Is Supremacy worth it?

    I really love the 4x game and always put masses of time and effort into it. Initially, I always do really well. However, I never come anywhere near reaching the final stages.

    Why? Because of backstabbers and GM warriors. So, my question is this: Is there any point in playing this game anymore?

    I really don't understand the pleasure that people get by betraying their allies and just spending their way to victory.

    I'm 62, so perhaps honour and playing for your team are concepts that youngsters no longer have in this sick world. If so, may the gods help future generations.

    I'd be glad if someone would enlighten me.

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    (This is a link to the thread on the revamped supremacy forum)

    There is a thread started from the same point of view you shared in which we hope to convince the Supremacy board to change their monetization model. As we all know this game needs to be payed but we(the community) can all agree since the event maps and the huge maps. That the payment ways should be less disruptive. As you're much more likely to meet a heavy GM user in those. And in my opinion (as user not as Smod) the event maps victory shouldn't be for the elite only.

    Questions about the game? Have a look at the manual and the FAQ's.
    Need game support? Send a ticket or contact the crew.
    Have an idea for the game? Check the BigList.

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    Add other maps in event Speed, Europe (10p) or Great War (31p)

    O maior truque do Diabo foi convencer o mundo que ele não existe?


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